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From Genesis to Revelation

Tracks 1. Where The Sour Turns To Sweet 2. In The Beginning 3. Fireside Song 4. The Serpent 5. Am I Very Wrong 6. In The Wilderness 7. The Conqueror …

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Tracks 1. Looking for Someone 7:08 2. White Mountain 6:43 3. Visions of Angels 6:53 4. Stagnation 8:49 5. Dusk 4:14 6. The Knife 8:56 (1970 – 1975 Boxset) DVD …

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Nursery Cryme

Tracks 1. The Musical Box 10:27 2. For Absent Friends 1:48 3. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed 8:12 4. Seven Stones 5:09 5. Harold The Barrel 3:01 6. Harlequin …

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Tracks Watcher Of The Skies 7:19 Time Table 4:40 Get ‘Em Out By Friday 8:35 Can-Utility And The Coastliners 5:43 Horizons 1:38 Supper’s Ready 22:58 Lover’s Leap The Guaranteed Eternal …

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Selling England by the Pound

Tracks (Side 1) 1. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 2. I Know What I Like 3. Firth Of Fifth 4. More Fool Me (Side 2) 5. The Battle Of Epping …

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The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Tracks CD disc one Vinyl/Cassette side one “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” – 4:55 “Fly on a Windshield” – 2:47 “Broadway Melody of 1974” – 2:11 “Cuckoo Cocoon” – …

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David Hentschel – Startling Music – Capitol Records promo

David Hentschel – Startling Music (Capitol Records) The U.S. release was on February 17, 1975 and on the same date the single release from the album “Oh My My” c/w …

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Voyage of the Acolyte

All songs written by Steve Hackett, except where indicated. “Ace of Wands” – 5:23 “Hands of the Priestess I” – 3:28 “A Tower Struck Down” (Steve Hackett, John Hackett) – …

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A Trick of the Tail

Tracks 1. Dance on a Volcano 2. Entangled 3. Squonk 4. Mad Man Moon 5. Robbery, Assault and Battery 6. Ripples… 7. A Trick of the Tail 8. Los Endos …

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Unorthodox Behaviour

This was the very first Brand X album that was released the group had started out on Island Records but never got far, at some point Phil Collins joined and …

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Wind and Wuthering

Tracks 1. Eleventh Earl of Mar 2. One for the Vine 3. Your Own Special Way 4. Wot Gorilla? 5. All in a Mouses’s Night 6. Blood on the Rooftops …

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Car (Peter Gabriel 1)

TRACKS 1. Moribund The Burgermeister 2. Solsbury Hill 3. Modern Love 4. Excuse Me 5. Humdrum 6. Slowburn 7. Waiting For The Big One 8. Down The Dolce Vita 9. …

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Moroccan Roll

Moroccan Roll is the second album from Brand X, this one features a vocal song with Phil singing on “Sun In The Night” the rest of the album is tinged …

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Tracks Nightmare Patrol (Goodsall/Dennard) -ish (Goodsall/Lumley/Pert/Collins/Jones) Euthanasia Waltz (Goodsall/Lumley/Collins/Jones) Isis Mourning Part 1 (Goodsall/Lumley/Pert/Collins/Jones) Isis Mourning Part 2 (Collins) Malaga Virgen (Jones) Credits Phil Collins: Drums Kenwood Dennard: Drums John …

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UK – debut album for the super group UK

U.K. is the self-titled debut album by the progressive rock supergroup U.K., released in 1978 through E.G. Records and Polydor Records. Bill Bruford left Genesis as their touring drummer to …

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And Then There Were Three

Tracks Down And Out 5:25 Undertow 4:45 Ballad Of Big 4:43 Snowbound 4:29 Burning Rope 7:07 Deep In The Motherlode 5:14 Many Too Many 3:29 Scenes From A Night’s Dream …

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Scratch (Peter Gabriel 2)

TRACKS 1. On The Air 2. D.I.Y. 3. Mother Of Violence 4. A Wonderful Day In A One-Way World 5. White Shadow 6. Indigo 7. Animal Magic 8. Exposure 9. …

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Feels Good To Me

Track listing All Songs Published By E.G. Music Ltd., except where noted. “Beelzebub” (Bill Bruford) 3:22 “Back to the Beginning” (Bruford) 7:25 “Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part One)” (Bruford) …

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One Of A Kind

Track listing “Hell’s Bells” (Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart) 3:32 “One of a Kind, Pt. 1” (Bill Bruford) 2:20 “One of a Kind, Pt. 2” (Bruford, Stewart) 4:00 “Travels with Myself …

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Phil Collins returned to Brand X in part due to the fact Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks of Genesis were recording their own solo albums and Phil had time on …

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A Curious Feeling

The Album’s original concept was based on the book called “Flowers For Alergnon” by Daniel Keyes but Tony learned during the writing and recording process that there was a Musical …

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Gradually Going Tornado

Track listing “Age Of Information” (Bruford/Stewart) – 4:41 “Gothic 17” (Bruford/Stewart) – 5:07 “Joe Frazier” (Berlin) – 4:41 “Q.E.D.” (Bruford/Stewart) – 7:46 “The Sliding Floor” (Berlin/Bruford/Stewart) – 4:58 “Palewell Park” …

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Smallcreeps Day

Released on Charisma Records CAS1149 UK chart information released on 23rd February 1980 reached number 13 in the charts and stayed in the charts for 7 weeks. All tracks written …

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Tracks 1. Behind the Lines 5:33 2. Duchess 6:25 3. Guide Vocal 1:34 4. Man of our Times 5:33 5. Misunderstanding 3:14 6. Heathaze 5:01 7. Turn it on Again …

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Do They Hurt

The whole album is made up of spare material from the Product sessions of April 1979, a Brand X without Phil Collins toured this album because Phil was so busy …

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Melt (Peter Gabriel 3)

Tracks 1. Intruder 2. No Self-Control 3. Start 4. I Don’t Remember 5. Family Snapshot 6. And Through The Wire 7. Games Without Frontiers 8. Not One Of Us 9. …

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Face Value

Tracks IN THE AIR TONIGHT Phil: Roland Drum Machine, Vocals, Drums, Prophet, Rhodes, Vocoder John Giblin: Bass Daryl Steurmer, Guitar Shorokav: Violins THIS MUST BE LOVE Phil: Percussion, Vocal, Prophet, …

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The Bristol Recorder #2 Ft Peter Gabriel

The Recorder a mix of local talent in the region of Bristol/Bath in the UK and that included unheard of artists and of course the more known and popular Peter …

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Cured followed the Defector album and tour except Steve had dispensed with the band he had come to know and in doing so he gained a new sound, but the …

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Tracks 1. Abacab 2. No Reply at All 3. Me and Sarah Jane 4. Keep it Dark 5. Dodo/Lurker 6. Whodunnit? 7. Man on the Corner 8. Like it or …

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3 x 3 EP 7 Inch (Standard and Picture Disc)

Pressing Number – GEN1 (Charisma Records) 33RPM Tracks Side A Paperlate (3:20) You Might Recall (5:30) Side B Me and Virgil (6:18) Credits Tony Banks – keyboards Phil Collins – …

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Deutsches Album (German Security)

Tracks  Side one ”Der Rhythmus der Hitze” – 5:36 ”Das Fischernetz” – 6:45 ”Kon Takt!” – 4:31 ”San Jacinto” – 6:13 Side two ”Schock den Affen” – 5:43 ”Handauflegen” – …

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Acting Very Strange

Tracks 1. “Acting Very Strange” (Rutherford) 4:58 2. “A Day to Remember” (Rutherford) 4:59 3. “Maxine” (Rutherford, Pete Bellotte) 5:24 4. “Halfway There” (Palmer, Rutherford) 4:11 5. “Who’s Fooling Who” …

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Security (Peter Gabriel 4)

Tracks 1. The Rhythm Of The Heat 2. San Jacinto 3. I Have The Touch 4. The Family And The Fishing Net 5. Shock The Monkey 6. Lay Your Hands …

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Hello, I Must Be Going

Tracks I Don’t Care Anymore Phil – Keyboards, Drums, Vocals, Bass Pedals Daryl Stuermer – Guitars I Cannot Believe It’s True Phil – Keys, Drums, Vocals, Percussion Daryl – Guitars …

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Highly Strung

Steve Hackett decided to add Ian Mosley (Drums) to bolster the two man team that had written/recorded Cured, this album sounds more rounded because of that. Tracks Camino Royale Cell …

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The Fugitive

This was Tony Banks second solo album and its radically different from the first, Tony tried for a more commercial sound even singing all the vocals himself, something he would …

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Genesis release the self titled album fans dub ‘Mama’ or ‘Shapes’

Tracks 1. Mama 2. That’s All 3. Home by the Sea 4. Second Home by the Sea 5. Illegal Alien 6. Taking it all too Hard 7. Just a Job …

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Bay of Kings

Bay Of Kings When Hackett’s record company, Charisma Records, refused to release the album over concerns about its commercial viability, Hackett left the label and released Bay of Kings through …

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Press sheet – PC – Atlantic Records – Against All Odds nominated – New Album out – 11th February

An Atlantic Records press sheet dated 11th February 1985. Items covered: Against All Odds nominated for an Oscar. Against All Odds Single RIAA GOLD. Against All Odds first Number 1 …

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No Jacket Required

No Jacket Required was Phil Collins’s third solo album Released 18th February 1985 according to the BPI in the UK Released on the 15th April 1985 in the USA according …

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Birdy – Soundtrack to the film Birdy

Tracks Credits History Released 30th March 1985 on Charisma Records (CAS 1167) Notes Adverts Interviews Other Articles

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Mike and the Mechanics Debut Album

Mike and the Mechanics were formed after Mike Rutherford of Genesis has released two solo albums, Mike sought to form a group were the members could be interchangeable (except him …

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Tracks “Red Rain” – 5:39 “Sledgehammer” – 5:12 “Don’t Give Up” (featuring Kate Bush) – 6:33 “That Voice Again” (Gabriel, David Rhodes) – 4:53 “In Your Eyes” – 5:27 “Mercy …

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Invisible Touch (Album)

Tracks 1. Invisible Touch 2. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 3. Land of Confusion 4. In Too Deep 5. Anything She Does 6. Domino Part One – In the Glow of the …

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Press photo – Daryl Stuermer – Steppin Out – promo photo

This is a promo photo perhaps part of a press kit used to promote the 1988 Daryl Stuermer debut solo album Steppin out. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this …

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Album – Daryl Stuermer – Steppin Out

Daryl Stuermer’s debut solo album Steppin Out was released in America on the 17th October 1988. (This information from: The Milwaukee Journal – 9th November 1988). Song titles Kyoto Rose …

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The Living Years

Tracks “Nobody’s Perfect” (Rutherford, B. A. Robertson) – 4:48 “The Living Years” (Rutherford, Robertson) – 5:32 “Seeing Is Believing” (Rutherford, Robertson) – 3:13 “Nobody Knows” (Rutherford, Christopher Neil) – 4:24 …

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Interview – Daryl Stuermer – Guitar World – December

Guitar World December 1988, interview titled A Guitar Hero’s Genesis. This is an interview and feature between Daryl Stuermer and Bill Milkowski. Topics discussed: George Duke Genesis Steppin’ Out And …

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Daryl Stuermer – Interview – Guitar Player – February 1989

Daryl Stuermer is interviewed in this issue of Guitar Player, the interview is all about Dayrl’s debut album “Steppin Out”.

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Tracks 1. The Feeling Begins 2. Gethsemane 3. Of These, Hope 4. Lazarus Raised 5. Of These, Hope (Reprise) 6. In Doubt 7. A Different Drum 8. Zaar 9. Troubled …

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Tony Banks decided to try a group orientated project having seen Mike Rutherford acheive success in doing the same with Mike and the Mechanics. Track listing All songs written by …

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…But Seriously

Tracks 1. Hang In Long Enough (4:44) Phil Collins: keyboards, drums, vocals Nathan East: bass Daryl Stuermer: guitar Dominic Miller: guitar The Phenix Horns Alex Brown, Marva King, Lynn Fiddmont: …

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Feature – DS – Vince and The Attorneys – The Post-Crescent – Wisconsin – 27th January

Vince and The Attorney’s This is a feature about a band Daryl became a part of called Vince and The Attorney’s First published in The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin), on the …

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Word of Mouth

Track listing ”Get Up” (Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack) – 4:23 ”Word of Mouth” (Rutherford, Christopher Neil) – 3:55 ”A Time and Place” (Rutherford, B.A. Robertson) – 4:52 ”Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” …

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Tony Banks fourth album. All songs written by Tony Banks except where indicated “Red Day on Blue Street” (Tony Banks & Nik Kershaw) 5:53 “Angel Face” 5:23 “The Gift” 4:00 …

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We Can’t Dance

Tracks 1. No Son of Mine 2. Jesus He Knows Me 3. Driving the Last Spike 4. I Can’t Dance 5. Never a Time 6. Dreaming While you Sleep 7. …

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Tracks 1. Come Talk To Me 2. Love To Be Loved 3. Blood Of Eden 4. Steam 5. Only Us 6. Washing Of The Water 7. Digging In The Dirt …

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Both Sides

Tracks Both Sides Of The Story Can’t Turn Back The Years Everyday I’ve Forgotten Everything We’re Sons Of Our Fathers Can’t Find My Way Survivors We Fly So Close There’s …

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Beggar on a Beach of Gold

Track listing A Beggar on a Beach of Gold (B.A. Robertson, Rutherford) – 4:35 Another Cup of Coffee (Christopher Neil, Rutherford) – 4:42 You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me …

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Feature – CT – The Tennessean – Nashville – 25th March

Chester Thompson This feature about Chester Thompson was published in The The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee), USA on the 25th March 1995

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Strictly Inc

The album is a self titled project album featuring Tony Banks of (Genesis) and Jack Hues of (Wang Chang). Track listing “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” – 3:59 “Walls …

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Album – Hits – Mike and the Mechanics-

Mike and The Mechanics decided to capitalise on the success of the 1995 album Beggar On A Beach Of Gold and tour with the release of HITS! Track listing “All …

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Brand X – Live at the Roxy L.A.

This is a live album taken from a Live desk recording of a late performance at The Roxy in L.A on the Product album tour of the USA in September …

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Dance Into The Light

Dance into the light TRACKS Dance Into The Light Phil Collins: Drums, Vocals, Kalimba Nathan East: Bass Brad Cole: Keyboards Daryl Stuermer: Lead guitar Ronnie Caryl: Rhythm guitar Amy Keys …

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Calling All Stations

Tracks 1. Calling All Stations 2. Congo 3. Shipwrecked 4. Alien Afternoon 5. Not About Us 6. If That’s What You Need 7. The Dividing Line 8. Uncertain Weather 9. …

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The Eyes Have It

This is Dale Newman’s first album after years of hearing Genesis/Mike and the Mechanics and others record at The Farm, Dale finally decided to see what he could do. This …

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A Joyful Noise

A Joyful Noise was originally released on the 5th Novemeber 1991 on the Mesa/Bluemoon label, Chester Thompson proves he isnt just a drummer but a man who can write songs …

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Sadly this would prove to be the final album for co lead singer Paul Young who passed away in 2000. A strong album in most places and the tour that …

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The Little Things That Matter

This was Dale Newman’s first full album with the “The Eyes Have It” being classed as an EP almost because of it only having six songs, here with The Little …

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Feature – DS – The Journal Times – Racine – Wisconsin – 19th June

Daryl Stuermer This is a feature about Daryl’s appearance at Harbour Fest, Racine, Wisconsin, USA. This was published in The Journal Times (Racine, Wisconsin), on the 19th June 2000

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Tracks Credits History Released 24th June 2000 on Realworld records (RWPG 01) Notes Adverts Interviews Other Articles

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Interview – Chester Thompson – The Post-Crescent – Wisconsin – 11th January

Chester Thompson This is an interview with Chester Thompson, interview conducted by Jim Lundstrom. Interview published in The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin), on the 11th January 2001

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Feature – Daryl Stuermer – Kenosha News – Wisconsin – 9th November

Daryl Stuermer This is a small feature about Daryl, this includes his Waiting In The Wings album and an concert at Shank Hall. First published in The Kenosha News (Kenosha, …

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Feature – DS – The Journal Times – Racine – Wisconsin – 31st January

Daryl Stuermer This is a feature about Daryl Stuermer – first published in The Journal Times (Racine, Wisconsin), on the 31st January 2002. This includes a live advert.

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Long Walk Home

Tracks Credits History Notes Adverts Interviews Other Articles

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Tracks 1. Darkness Drums: Manu Katche, Dave Power Percussion: Mahut Dominique, Ged Lynch, Richard Chappell Bass: Tony Levin Guitars: David Rhodes Strings: The London Session Orchestra String Arrangement: Peter Gabriel, …

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Dale Newman’s third or is that 3rd album in which Dale enlists the help of drummer Craig Blundell who borrowed Mike Rutherford Roland kit. Dale had gained a lot more …

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Tracks 1. Wake Up Call 2. Come With Me 3. Testify 4. Don’t Get Me Started 5. Swing Low 6. It’s Not Too Late 7. This Love This Heart 8. …

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Seven: A Suite for Orchestra is the first classical solo album by Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks. It was released by Naxos Records on the 29th March 2004. The suite is …

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Sadly with the untimely demise of Paul Young you can never truly know how this album would have turned out, here Paul Carrack and Mike Rutherford continue the Mechanics but …

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Daryl Stuermer – Retrofit

Retrofit was released on the 7th September 2004. Retrofit Rendezvous Zanzibar Vagabond Street Promises Sharkskin Suit Midnight Traveler I Will Remember You The Least You Can Do Note: Phil Collins …

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The 1976 – 1982 Blue Boxset is Released

A Trick of the Tail Dance On A Volcano – 5:54 Entangled – 6:27 Squonk – 6:27 Mad Man Moon – 7:34 Robbery, Assault and Battery – 6:16 Ripples… – …

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Go was released on the 24th April 2007, on the Inside Out record label. The album has a number of different styles and it remains like all of Daryl’s work …

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Scratch My Back

Tracks Credits History Awards and Certifications Notes Adverts Interviews Other Articles

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Going Back

Standard Edition No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. “Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)” Norman Whitfield, Edward Holland, Jr. 2:32 2. “(Love Is Like a) Heatwave” Holland-Dozier-Holland 2:53 3. “Uptight …

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The Road

The Road marks a departure in the Mechanics line up of Paul Carrack and also a move to a new record label from Virgin to Arista. It also marks a …

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New Blood

Released on the 10th October 2011, New Blood was a collection of Peter Gabriel’s music reimagined with an Orchestral arrangement and performance. Peter still retains control and he sings on …

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Six: Pieces for Orchestra

“No. 1. Siren” “No. 2. Still Waters “ “No. 3. Blade” “No. 4. Wild Pilgrimage” “No. 5. The Oracle” “No. 6. City of Gold” Recorded at Smécky Music Studios, Prague, …

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Track listing 1. A Life Within A Day 6:35 Hackett/Squire/King 2. Tall Ships 6:18 Hackett/Squire/King 3. Divided Self 4:06 Hackett/Squire/King/Clabburn 4. Aliens 5:32 Hackett/Squire/King/Healy 5. Sea Of Smiles 5:25 Hackett/Squire/King …

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Genesis Revisited II

Disc one The Chamber of 32 Doors Horizons Supper’s Ready The Lamia Dancing with the Moonlit Knight Fly on a Windshield Broadway Melody of 1974 The Musical Box Can-Utility and …

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The Wicked Lady

Music from the film by National Philharmonic Orchestra The Wicked Lady 3.47 Portrait of Jerry Jackson 5.01 Caroline’s Theme 3.06 Scherzo 2.44 Pastorale 4.02 Prelude to The Wicked Lady 4.06 Kit’s …

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Chester Thompson Trio – Approved

This album was released online at various outlets on the 3rd May 2013. Track listing Black Market Horn Of Plenty How Deep Is The Ocean Follow You, Follow Me I’m …

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SELECTION Announced – Coming May 13th

From the Steve Hackett account, a compilation of Genesis Revisited material is to be released with some additional material, including a new recording of Carpet Crawlers with Ray Wilson. We’re …

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Concert advert – DS – Tampa Bay Times – St. Petersburg – 13th October

Daryl Stuermer This is a concert advert in The Tampa Bay Times (St. Petersburg, Florida), 13th October 2016

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Dale Newman

Dale Newman (album), co-produced with Brian Coombes and Dale Newman, the album features eight tracks including the up-tempo rockers The Slowest Train and Slow Motion Blue, the stirring ballad I’ll …

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Advert – DS – Manitowoc Herald-Times – Wisconsin – 3rd May

Daryl Stuermer This is an advert for show in Manitowoc and the new album “Breaking Cover” First published in The Manitowoc Herald-Times (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on the 3rd May 2018.

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