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The Fugitive

This was Tony Banks second solo album and its radically different from the first, Tony tried for a more commercial sound even singing all the vocals himself, something he would never fully repeat.

Track listing

All songs written by Tony Banks.
This Is Love 5.11
Man Of Spells 3.46
And The Wheels Keep Turning 4.48
Say You’ll Never Leave Me 4.32
Thirty Three’s (instrumental) 4.33
By You 4.29
At The Edge Of Night 6.03
Charm (instrumental) 5.27
Moving Under 6.01

K2 (CD reissue only) 3.59
Sometime Never (CD reissue only) 3.41


Tony Banks: Vocals, keyboards, synth bass and LinnDrum.
Daryl Stuermer: Guitars
Mo Foster: Bass guitar
Tony Beard: Drums and percussion
Steve Gadd: Drums and percussion
Andy Duncan: Drums


The album was released on the 25th June 1983 by Charisma Records (TB LP1) according to the UK chart info, it was in the charts for 2 weeks.

The album was also released on CD at the same time (TB CD1)


This Is Love (May 1983)
This is Love

And The Wheels Keep Turning (August 1983)
And The Wheels Keep Turning
Man Of Spells


There was a music video filmed for This Is Love.

There are extended versions of “This is Love” and “And The Wheels Keep Turning” on 12″ singles. These have never been released on CD.

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