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Moroccan Roll

Moroccan Roll is the second album from Brand X, this one features a vocal song with Phil singing on “Sun In The Night” the rest of the album is tinged with eastern themes with the Jazz Rock fusion that Brand X delved into!

By now the Brand X line up had experience of touring as a group and I think this reflects in the quality of music the group just seem tighter than the previous album.

Track listing

Side one

“Sun in the Night” (Goodsall) – 4:25
“Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You’ve Broken Yours Off Already)…” (Collins) – 11:16
“…Maybe I’ll Lend You Mine after All” (Collins) – 2:10
“Hate Zone” (Goodsall) – 4:41
“Collapsar” (Lumley) – 1:33

Side two

“Disco Suicide” (Lumley) – 7:55
“Orbits” (Jones) – 1:38
“Malaga Virgen” (Jones) – 8:28
“Macrocosm” (Goodsall) – 7:24


John Goodsall – guitar, bass, vocals, sitar, echo
Percy Jones – bass, autoharp, harp, marimba
Robin Lumley – keyboards, piano, synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Moog synthesizer, vocals
Phil Collins – drums, vocals, piano
Morris Pert – percussion


Produced by Dennis MacKay in association with Brand X
Engineered and mixed by ‘Perdurabo’ Stephen W. Tayler
Mastered by Ray Staff

Recorded at Trident Studios London between December 1976 and January 1977


Released on the 21st May 1977 Charisma Records (CAS 1126) 

Released on CD by Virgin Records 1989 (CASCD 1126)

It reached number 37 in the UK charts and it was in the charts for 5 weeks

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