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A Curious Feeling

The Album’s original concept was based on the book called “Flowers For Alergnon” by Daniel Keyes but Tony learned during the writing and recording process that there was a Musical Stage show being put together based on the story so he altered the story line and lyrics to try and detract from that.

The cover design is by Hothouse, and the cover painting is Wuluwait – Boatman of the Dead by Australian artist Ainslie Roberts.

The Album artwork in the 2009 remastered version contains photographs from the album sessions and in the deluxe version there is a printed interview conducted with Tony Banks about the album, it is during this interview that you learn the sad news that Kim Beacon the singer who features so heavily on album had passed away by the time Tony tried to contact him to discuss the remastering of this album.

The Official UK Chart

The Album was released on 20th October 1979 (It was announced in the music press to be released on the 12th Oct 1979)

it reached Number 21 and it stayed in the album charts for 5 weeks.

All songs written by Tony Banks.

Vinyl, Cassette and Original CD Release (Charisma CAS 1148)

Side One

No. Title Length
1. “From the Undertow” 2:45
2. “Lucky Me” 4:23
3. “The Lie” 4:58
4. “After the Lie” 4:47
5. “A Curious Feeling” 3:58
6. “Forever Morning” 5:59

Side Two

No. Title Length
1. “You” 6:28
2. “Somebody Else’s Dream” 7:45
3. “The Waters of Lethe” 6:27
4. “For a While” 3:32
5. “In the Dark” 2:52

2009 CD (Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2160)

No. Title
1. “From the Undertow”
2. “Lucky Me”
3. “The Lie”
4. “After the Lie”
5. “A Curious Feeling”
6. “Forever Morning”
7. “You”
8. “Somebody Else’s Dream”
9. “The Waters of Lethe”
10. “For a While”
11. “In the Dark”

2009 DVD (Deluxe Limited Hardback Edition only – Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 22161)

5.1 Surround Sound Mixes

From the Undertow
Lucky Me
The Lie
After the Lie
A Curious Feeling
Forever Morning
Somebody Else’s Dream
The Waters of Lethe
For a While
In the Dark

1979 Promotional films

For a While
The Waters of Lethe


Tony Banks – keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion
Chester Thompson – drums, percussion
Kim Beacon – vocals (from String Driven Thing a Scottish folk rock band)


Produced by Tony Banks and David Hentschel
Recorded and engineered by David Bascombe and David Hentschel

Recorded at Polar Music Studio’s Stockholm

Remastered Stereo and Surround Sound by Nick Davis at Fisher Lane Farm in 2008

Singles released from the album were as follows

For A While/From The Undertow (CB 344) 7 Inch 20th October 1979 (It was announced in the music press as a 5th Oct 1979 release)
For A While/A Curious Feeling (CB 365) 7 Inch Picture sleeve July 1980.

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