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Do They Hurt

The whole album is made up of spare material from the Product sessions of April 1979, a Brand X without Phil Collins toured this album because Phil was so busy in Genesis on the Duke tour.

Brand X toured the UK with Bill Bruford as support or perhaps it was the other way around.

Track listing

Side one

“Noddy Goes to Sweden” (Jones) – 4:30
“Voidarama” (Goodsall) – 4:21
“Act of Will” (Goodsall) – 4:43
“Fragile” (Jones, Robinson) – 5:26

Side two

“Cambodia” (Goodsall) – 4:31
“Triumphant Limp” (Goodsall, Giblin, Lumley, Collins) – 7:34
“D.M.Z.” (Jones) – 8:39


A1 – A3 – A4 – B1 – B3
J. Peter Robinson – keyboards, Gong [Tam Tam] (B1)
John Goodsall – guitar (except A1), vocals (A3)
Percy Jones – bass, vocals (A1)
Mike Clark – drums
Morris Pert – percussion (A1 and A4)
A2 – B2
Robin Lumley – piano (A2), keyboards (B2)
J. Peter Robinson – keyboards (A2), synth (B2), Gong [Tam Tam] (B2)
John Goodsall – guitar
John Giblin – bass
Phil Collins – drums


Produced by Brand X and Neil Kernon

Recorded at Starling Studios, Ascot, April 1979


Released on the 18th April 1980 on Charisma Records (CAS 1151)

and later on in 1989 by Virgin Records (CASCD 1151)


Robin Lumley (2002): “To this day I can proudly count Michael Palin and Terry Jones as good pals ! I got Mike to do the sleeve notes on “Do They Hurt ?” (which is itself a line from Holy Grail (witch sequence)… He wanted 25 pence for writing the notes… Charisma didn’t pay him so he threatened to sue !!! (a joke of course)”.

“Act of Will” is sung through a vocoder. John Goodsall himself said, in a private e-mail, that there were never any written lyrics. Various attempts have been made to puzzle out what he is saying, but the words are likely similar to Masoko Tanga by The Police and are not always words.

This whole album consists of outtakes from the Product sessions. Because “Noddy Goes To Sweden” was included on this album, the song “Pool Room Blues” gains the distinction of being the only non-album Brand X song.

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