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Ziz Zag Issue 29 – Genesis interview – March - 1973

This is an interview published in Zig Zag issue number 29 which was on sale in March 1973! Sadly this is a two part interview which we hope to obtain …

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Interview – Tony Stratton Smith – Charisma Records – Melody Maker – 23rd February - 1974

Strat’s Charisma, Tony Stratton Smith is interviewed by Chris Welch. Interview first published on the 23rd February 1974. Topics covered: Promotion, Concert Tours, Record deals, Artists, Charisma Records, Management of …

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Mike Rutherford WMMS Interview during the Selling England Tour - 1974

  Mike Rutherford talks about the previous show. They talk about the visual aspect of the show and how dangerous that could be as it might clash with the audience’s …

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Peter Gabriel interview – NME 27th December - 1975

Bathtub Confidential – Peter Gabriel is interviewed in NME by Max Bell, first published on the 27th December 1975. (Many thanks to M.Kenyon for this item)

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Steve Hackett on KNAC Long Beach, CA – The Import Show - 1976

Steve Hackett is on KNAC FM 105.5, Long Beach with DJ John Clark (real name, Andrew Amador). He did a regular show called ‘The Import Show’, which was broadcast on …

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Steve Hackett on WNEW 102.7 FM (NY) with Scott Muni - 1976

Steve discusses with Scott Muni about the recent Trick of the Tail tour and the new live arrangement with Phil. They also discuss Steve’s solo output, Voyage of the Acolyte. …

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Interview – Bill Bruford – Beat Instrumental Magazine – May 1976 - 1976

Bill Bruford is interviewed in Beat Instrumental magazine, a small two page interview published May 1976. Bill covers the following: Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, National Health, Drumming. (Many thanks to …

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Contemporary Keyboard October 1976 – Tony Banks feature - 1976

Tony Banks is interviewed during the Trick Of The Tail tour of 1976.

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Guitar Player October 1976 – Steve Hackett feature - 1976

Steve Hackett is interviewed by Guitar Player in 1976.

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Phil and Mike talk to Scott Muni about Wind and Wuthering on WNEW - 1977 Topics discussed include the touring schedule for Wind and Wuthering. A very relaxed interview. Presenter: Scott Muni Date: February, 20th, 1977 Radio Station: WNEW (New York Radio) Other Notes: …

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Beat Instrumental August 1977 – Mike Rutherford feature - 1977

  Mike Rutherford is interviewed by Beat Instrumental during the Earls Court gigs of 1977 he is interrupted by Phil Collins who has had his hair drastically cut.

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Beat Instrumental June 1978 – Steve Hackett feature - 1978

Steve Hackett is interviewed in this issue of Beat Instrumental in the same magazine was a John Shearer interview who became Steve’s first touring drummer.

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Contemporary Keyboard July 1978 – Tony Banks feature - 1978

  Tony Banks is interviewed on the 1978 And Then There Were Three tour

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Magazine – Bill Bruford – Modern Drummer – Jan / Feb – - 1979

An interview with Bill Bruford most likely performed some time during 1978, published in the January/February 1979 edition of Modern Drummer. Bill Bruford is interviewed by Michael Shore. (Many thanks …

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Modern Drummer – Phil Collins – March/April - 1979

Phil Collins is interviewed during the 1978 Genesis “And Then There Were Three” tour. Interview published March/April 1979 in Modern Drummer

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Guitar The Magazine for all Guitarists August 1979 – Steve Hackett feature - 1979

Steve Hackett is interviewed in this Guitar Magazine in August 1979 about the Spectral Mornings album. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this item)

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BBC Radio One, Genesis promoting Duke Album Tour – March 12th 1980 - 1980

Genesis appear on BBC Radio One to promote the recently released Duke, discussing some of the songs that were played from tape. The band also discuss touring arrangements and rehearsals for the tour.

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Tony Banks on Chom FM discussing Duke and A Curious Feeling - 1980

A fairly brief interview with Tony on Toronto radio station, Chom FM 97.7FM. Topics included are Tony’s album at that point (A Curious Feeling) as well as the Duke Tour, …

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Guitar Player – John Goodsall and Percy Jones interview – August 1980 - 1980

  John Goodsall and Percy Jones of Brand X are interviewed in this edition of Guitar Player

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International Musician & Recording World – Genesis interview - 1980

Genesis are interviewed for International Musician and Recording World sometime in 1980.

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Guitar Player – Mike Rutherford interview – January - 1981

Mike Rutherford is interviewed in this months Guitar Player! January 1981.

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Phil Collins Interview with John Shaw on Making Face Value – 27th January - 1981

Sourced from an original tape, this interview was conducted on the 27th January 1981 between Phil Collins and John Shaw. The interview was first aired in February 1981 and received …

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International Musician & Recording World February 1981- Steve Hackett feature - 1981

  Steve Hackett is interviewed during his 1980 Defector tour in support of the 1980 album Defector.

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Steve Hackett interviewed in Milan (Cured Promo) - 1981

Recorded at a Press conference before the Italian tour for the Cured tour. Taken at the Polygram offices (Milano) on the 7th September 1981. Many interviewers and people ask questions …

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Tony, Mike and Phil on Sheffield’s Radio Hallam - 1981

Interview with each member of the band from Radio Hallam. They discuss the latest studio album (Abacab) and the upcoming shows in England, plus the rehearsals. We get to hear …

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Phil Collins interview with WMMR during Genesis Abacab tour. - 1981

Phil Collins takes a break during the Abacab tour to answer questions with Anita Gevinson. This interview is in fact seen in the Three Sides Live film. Topics discussed include, …

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International Musician and Recording World – March 1982 - 1982

  This interview is made up from two interview sessions.

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Genesis – look at themselves – Trouser Press – March - 1982

Genesis take a long look at there career in this edition of Trouser Press (March 1982) some very revealing insights by the band of course it includes Abacab which would …

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Guitar Player – April 1982 – Steve Hackett interview - 1982

  Steve Hackett is interviewed in this months Guitar Player!

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Peter on Chum FM about the upcoming 6 of the Best, the Womad festival and his latest work - 1982 Topics discussed include the failed but well intentioned WOMAD festival, the Six of the Best show that is designed to help Peter after the WOMAD festival, as well as …

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Mike Rutherford on Radio 1 talking about Six of the Best - 1982

A telephone discussion with Mike hours before the Six of the Best show a Benefit for Womad.
Presenter: Andy Peebles
Date: October 1st 1982
Radio Station: Radio 1 (BBC London Radio)
No Transcript Available

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Interview – Tony Smith -10 Years with Genesis – Music and Video – 23rd October - 1982

Tony Smith Manager of Genesis / Phil Collins / Mike Rutherford / Tony Banks et al, is interviewed. Tony Smith is interviewed by Jim Evans for Music and Video, published …

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Interview – PC – Musik Express – Issue 12 – December - 1982

An interview with Phil Collins in the magazine Musik Express, published in December 1982. This interview was conducted in London, England by Gabriele Meierding around the promotion for the second …

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Modern Drummer – Chester Thompson, Up For the Challenge - 1983

  Chester Thompson is interviewed during the 1982 Genesis Encore tour, the Interview was published January 1983.

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Mike Rutherford explores Six Of the Best, Acting Very Strange, and much more on BBC Radio 1 - 1983

Mike Rutherford as interviewed by Andy Peebles on the 21st January 1983 for BBC Radio 1. Over the 20 plus minutes they discuss many topics in a rather engaging interview. …

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Modern Recording & Music February 1983 – Genesis feature - 1983

Genesis and their 1982 Encore tour crew are interviewed for Modern Recording & Music, the interview is published in their February 1983 edition.

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Peter Gabriel Interview about Crystal Palace Show 1983 - 1983

Peter Gabriel is interviewed on UK Television about his upcoming live show at Crystal Palace. He also talks about his process of making music and WOMAD. Contents/Set Games without Frontiers …

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Steve Hackett interviewed by Plymouth Polytechnic during the Bay of Kings Tour - 1983

Steve Hackett is interviewed by Plymouth Polytechnic (now Plymouth University) in 1983 before his show at the university venue. Steve talks about his feelings towards Genesis Lamb Lies Down on …

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Modern Drummer – Phil Collins - 1983

  Phil Collins interview during the early stages of the Genesis Mama/Shapes tour of 1983.

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Steve Hackett Interview with Signal Radio - 1983

Steve Hackett interviewed for Signal Radio on the 2nd November 1983 to promote his live show that evening at Keele University. Steve also is promoting Bay of Kings, his latest …

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Electronics & Music Maker November 1983 - 1983

  Tony Banks is interviewed in Electronics & Music Maker in November 1983

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CHUM-FM Toronto Concert Reports & Mike Rutherford interview - 1983

A radio interview with Mike and concert reports from the 1983 tour. This is from the Toronto based station, Chum FM, and covers 2 nights. It features reviews by several …

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Kerrang issue 62 – Genesis - 1984

Kerrang Issue 62 February 27th to March 3rd 1984. Genesis are interviewed/reviewed.

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Guitar Player – September 1984 – Daryl Stuermer interview - 1984

  Daryl Stuermer is interviewed in this months Guitar Player!

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Keyboard Magazine November 1984 – Tony Banks feature - 1984

Tony Banks is interviewed during the Mama/Shapes Genesis tour of 1983/84.

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Home Studio Recording – Hugh Padgham interview – January - 1985

Hugh Padgham, Engineer and Producer of Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Phil Collins albums is interviewed in Home Studio Recording by Janet Angus. Published in January 1985 Various topics are discussed …

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International Musician and Recording World – March 1985 – Phil Collins interview - 1985

Phil Collins is on the cover of this edition (March 1985) of International Musician and Recording World – Magazine which was celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Phil Collins is interviewed about …

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Phil on David Letterman’s Late Night Show - 1985

Phil is interviewed and performs with the in house band on Letterman. Contents/Set Skit Various Bits of Drumming with the band (including ‘I Want You Back’ by the Jackson 5 …

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Interview – Jerry Marotta – Modern Drummer – March – - 1986

Jerry Marotta is interviewed by Robyn Flans, interview published in Modern Drummer in March 1986. A lengthy interview with Jerry Marotta about many aspects of his career up to that …

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Guitarist May 1986 – GTR Steve Hackett and Steve Howe feature - 1986

  Steve Hackett and Steve Howe are interviewed about GTR.

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Electronics and Music Maker – Tony Banks interview – July - 1986

Tony Banks is interviewed in this edition of Electronics and Music Maker, he talks about the genesis album Invisible Touch and about his recent solo release Soundtracks. There is also …

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GUITAR for the practising musician – August 1986 – Steve Hackett and Steve Howe - 1986

  Steve Hackett and Steve Howe of GTR are interviewed August 1986!

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Rhythm Magazine – Chester Thompson - 1986


Magazine Interview – PG – SO tour – Keyboard Magazine – January - 1987

Peter Gabriel SO tour This is a live review and a look at the equipment that Peter Gabriel uses, this was conducted during the SO tour at Capital Center, Largo, …

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Rolling Stone – Peter Gabriel Hits the Big Time - 1987

Tony Banks – interview – Keyboard Magazine – February - 1987

Tony Banks is interviewed during the Invisible Touch Tour, published in Keyboard Magazine – February – 1987 (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this item)

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Lighting Dimensions Magazine March/April 1987 – Peter Gabriel feature - 1987

This is a Lighting magazine the lighting designer for the Peter Gabriel SO tour of 1986/87 is interviewed.

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Magazine – Genesis / Tony Banks – Genesis live report – Keyboard Magazine – May - 1987

Genesis Invisible Touch Tour This is a live review and a look at the equipment that Tony Banks uses, this was conducted during the Invisible touch tour of Japan so …

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Drums and Drumming (Phil and Chester) - 1987

Phil Collins and Chester Thompson are interviewed on the Invisible Touch tour!

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Sounds – Peter Gabriel - 1987

Phil, Tony, and Mike Talk to David ‘Kid’ Jensen on the upcoming Invisible Touch UK tour - 1987“KID”%20Jensen.mp3 Capital Radio 95.8 FM interviewer DJ David “KID” Jensen Interview conducted on the 28/6/87 Phil Tony and Mike interviewed about the Invisible Touch tour and about what they are …

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Rhythm Magazine – Phil Collins - 1988

  Phil Collins is interviewed after the 1987 Invisible Touch Tour at the Genesis studios in surrey during his work on the some of the soundtrack to the Film Buster.

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Making Music Issue 33 December 1988 – Mike Rutherford feature - 1988

  Mike Rutherford is interviewed about Mike and The Mechanics as well as Genesis.

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International Musician – Mike and The Mechanics – March - 1989

International Musician and Recording World – Magazine – March 1989, Mike and the Mechanics are interviewed in this edition interesting points are 1) Mike’s writing set up 2) That Steinberger …

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Q May 1989 – Peter Gabriel feature - 1989

  Peter Gabriel is interviewed at his new studio in Box Bath.

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Guitarist June 1989 – Mechanical Man – Mike Rutherford is interviewed - 1989

  Mike Rutherford is interviewed during the Hammersmith Odeon London leg of the Living Years tour.

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Keyboard – Paul Carrack and Adrian Lee July - 1989

  Paul Carrack and Adrian Lee of Mike and The Mechanics are interviewed in this issue of Keyboard, an interesting feature complete with a few photos and useful facts.

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Sound On Sound September 1989 – Tony Banks feature - 1989

Tony Banks is interviewed mostly about his Bankstatement album and project.

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Interview – PG – Keyboard Magazine – October - 1989

An interview with Peter Gabriel conducted by Dominic Milano for Keyboard Magazine, first published in October 1989. Extensive information about Realworld studios and Passion soundtrack album. (Many thanks to the …

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Making Music Issue 45 – Phil Collins – December - 1989

Phil Collins is interviewed at The Farm about his brand new album But Seriously, interview first published in Making Music Issue number 45 in December 1989. (Many thanks to Mark …

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Interview – PC – Fachblatt Music Magazine – February - 1990

An interview in the Fachblatt Music Magazine with Phil Collins, published in February of 1990. Covering: Phil’s love of Jazz Big Band. Genesis. Solo tour (But Seriously tour). and many …

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Q March 1990 – Phil Collins feature - 1990

Phil Collins is interviewed and accompanied during promotional work for the 1989 album But Seriously and during the 1990 tour rehearsals at The Chiddingfold Working Men’s Club.

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Guitarist April 1990 Leland Sklar - 1990

Leland Sklar is interviewed… during the rehearsals for the 1990 Phil Collins ….But seriously tour!

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Modern Drummer – Phil and Chester Drum Duet July 1990 - 1990

Phil Collins and Chester Thompson are interviewd about their infamous Drum Duet and its history during the Phil Collins But Seriously tour of 1990.

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SOS – Tony Banks interviewed about Still – July - 1991

Tony Banks is interviewed in Sound on Sound (SOS) about his new album Still. Interview was published in the July 1991 issue.

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Keyboard Magazine February 1992 – Genesis feature - 1992

  Genesis are featured in this issue of Keyboard just before they embark on their 1992 world tour.

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Tony On Rockline (Telephone Q and A) - 1992

Tony Banks appears on Rockline discussing his latest solo album at that point (Still) and the latest Genesis album and subsequent tour (for We Can’t Dance). The piece is primarily …

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Musician June 1992 – Genesis are interviewed during 1992 tour rehearsals! - 1992

  Genesis are interviewed and photographed during their 1992 tour rehearsals in the Spring of 1992 at The Chiddingfold Working Men’s Club.

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Recording Musician July 1992 – Tony Banks main interview & Geoff Callingham feature - 1992

  Recording Musician July 1992 Tony Banks is interviewed during the rehearsals for the Genesis We Cant Dance tour 1992, Geoff Callingham Genesis studio and technical manager is also interviewed. …

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KORG – Proview magazine – Tony Banks interview - 1992

  Tony Banks is interviewed in the Korg (instrument manufacturer) magazine!

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Guitarist January 1993 – Daryl Stuermer interview - 1993

  Daryl Stuermer is interviewed in this edition of Guitarist, judging from the interview it was during the Earls Court shows by Genesis on their 1992 Autumn tour.

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Guitarist February 1993 – Mike Rutherford feature - 1993

  Mike Rutherford is interviewed during the 1992 Genesis We Cant Dance tour, this interview is published in the February 1993 issue of Guitarist.

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The Mix – December 1995 – Tony Banks interview - 1995

Tony Banks is Interviewed at Fisher Lane Farm about his album/project Strictly Inc! Published in the December 1995 edition of The Mix (music technology magazine).

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Sound on Sound 1996 – Hugh Padgham - 1996

  Hugh Padgham is interviewed he talks about many things but more interestingly he talks about the Dance Into The Light Sessions!

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20th Century Guitar – Steve Hackett – John Wetton – Ian Macdonald - 1997

20th Century Guitar – January 1997 – featuring an interview with Steve Hackett, John Wetton and Ian Macdonald during the rehearsals for the mini tour of Japan in support of …

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Modern Drummer – Phil Collins ‘Back to the Drums’ 1997 - 1997

Phil Collins is interviewed during the tour rehearsals for his 1997 Dance Into The Light tour.

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Rhythm – Phil Collins – interview – September 1997 - 1997

Phil Collins is interviewed during the Dance Into The Light tour rehearsals in America, the interviewer talks about Genesis, Brand X and also the up and coming tour.

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Modern Drummer – Nir Zidkyahu - 1998

  Nir Z Genesis Calling All Stations era Drummer “Half of the Album and all of the tour” is interviewed by Modern Drummer.

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Rhythm – Luis Conte – Phil Collins – Ricky Lawson – March - 1998

Luis Conte – Phil Collins and Ricky Lawson are interviewed during the 1997 Dance Into The Light tour of Europe. Published in the drumming magazine Rhythm in March 1998

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Keyboard Player July 1998 – Brad Cole - 1998

Brad Cole, Phil Collins keyboard player and arranger since 1990 (and beyond) is interviewed here.

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Modern Drummer – July 1998 - 1998

Ricky Lawson is interviewed in the July 1998 edition of Modern Drummer, he talks about working with Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson and many others! Of course the magazine …

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Record Collector July 1998 – Genesis interview & Archive One special - 1998

Genesis are interviewed by Paul Russell who also writes a feature to accompany the interview all around the time of promotion for the Genesis Archive One Box set 1967 – …

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Steve Hackett – Recording Darktown (SOS Online Version) - 1999

STEVE HACKETT: Recording Darktown Interview | Artist Published in SOS August 1999 The release of a new album by ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett is usually a cause for celebration amongst …

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Classic Rock – The End of Genesis (Steve, Tony, Mike) - 2000

An interview with Steve, Tony, and Mike discussing Genesis.

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MOJO – March 2001 – We Were Beasts! - 2001

  Genesis interviewed about the olden days, Note: We were not at any of the interviews so we cannot be certain things said or implied are accurate or true and …

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Up – Electronic Press Kit - 2002

A EPK issued for the release of Peter Gabriel’s 2002 album Up. Promotional material produced by Real World for Peter’s 2002 album Up. Peter discusses each track and the production and …

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Record Collector November 2002 – Genesis feature - 2002

  Record Collector feature written by Paul Russell who also published a book about Genesis live recordings from 1967 to 1975 called Play Me My Song.

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Record Collector April 2005 – Genesis feature - 2005

Record Collector April 2005 a big feature and an interview with Genesis, includes a rarity section (all vinyl singles).

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Daryl Stuermer on WKLT (Milwaukee Radio) after the 2007 reunion announcement - 2007

Interview on 96.5 WKLH (Milwaukee Radio) with Dave and Carole. Daryl talkes about his career, his history with Genesis and of course the upcoming tour. He expects more shows …

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Record Collector – August 2007 – Genesis interview and collectors guide! - 2007

  Record Collector interviews Genesis and features a collectors guide to Genesis (mostly vinyl or overseas releases).

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Magazine – Korg – Autumn 2007 – Tony Banks – Turn it on again tour - 2007

Tony Banks is interviewed by Thomas James for The Korg Magazine, I suspect the interview took place during the European leg of the tour because the up coming North American …

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Interview – Report – Technical – Lighting and Sound America – November - 2007

Turn It On Again tour 2007 A report/interview/technical look at the lighting and sound for the Genesis 2007 tour, published in Lighting and Sound America magazine on November 2007. (Many …

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Drum Head – Phil and Chester, Turning it On Again - 2008

Phil Collins and Chester Thompson are interviewed during the Genesis Turn It On Again Tour of 2007.

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MOJO April 2010 – Peter Gabriel feature - 2010

  Peter Gabriel is interviewed in this issue of MOJO.

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Mojo September 2010 – Phil Collins feature “Going Back” - 2010

  Phil Collins is interviewed about his Motown album “Going Back”.

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Rhythm – Phil Collins ‘From Genesis genius to Soul survivor’ - 2011

a Huge Phil Collins feature in Rhythm.

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Steve Hackett talks Revisited II - 2012

Excerpt courtesy of The Evil Jam Hackett talks Revisited II, Touring and Life – September 3rd 2012 TEJ: So is it a Genesis album in the 21st Century? SH: Well that’s a …

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Mike Rutherford on BBC Breakfast Discussing his New Book - 2014

Mike discusses his time in the band and his new book on BBC’s Breakfast Air Date: 21st January Channel: BBC One Show: Breakfast Presenter: Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin Source: …

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Mike talks to Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2 - 2014

Mike makes an appearance for a 10 minutes interview with Simon Mayo about his latest book and other projects, as well as some discussion about Mike’s recording process. Program: …

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