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Tony Banks fourth album.

All songs written by Tony Banks except where indicated

“Red Day on Blue Street” (Tony Banks & Nik Kershaw) 5:53
“Angel Face” 5:23
“The Gift” 4:00
“Still It Takes Me By Surprise” 6:32
“Hero For an Hour” 5:01
“I Wanna Change the Score” (Tony Banks & Nik Kershaw) 4:34
“Water Out of Wine” 4:43
“Another Murder of a Day” (Tony Banks and Fish) 9:13
“Back to Back” 4:38
“The Final Curtain” 5:01


I Wanna Change The Score (May 1991)

I Wanna Change The Score (with Nik Kershaw)
Hero For The Hour
Big Man (by Bankstatement)
The Waters of Lethe

The Gift (June 1991)
The Gift (with Andy Taylor)
Back to Back (with Jayney Klimek)
A House Needs A Roof (by Bankstatement)

Still It Takes Me By Surprise (February 1992)
Still It Takes Me By Surprise (edit) (with Andy Taylor)
The Final Curtain (with Nik Kershaw)
Still It Takes Me By Surprise (with Andy Taylor)


Tony Banks: keyboards, Bass synth, Drum Programming, vocals on 5
Nik Kershaw: Vocals on 1, 6 & 10
Fish: Vocals on 2 & 8
Andy Taylor: Vocals on 3 & 4
Jayney Klimek: Vocals on 7 & 9

Daryl Stuermer: Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta, Graham Broad: drums
Luis Jardim: percussion
Pino Palladino, James Eller: Bass guitar
Martin Robertson: Saxophone


Produced by Tony Banks and Nick Davis
Engineered by Nick Davis
Assisted by Mark Robinson
Recorded at the Farm, Surrey
Technical assistance: Geoff Callingham and Mark Bowen

Album design

Photography by Carl Studna
Design by Wherefore Art

Notes: The use of Engineer/producer Nick Davis would mark the start of over 20 years of association with Nick Davis, Nick would go on to engineer/produce the next Genesis album We Can’t Dance amongst many archival projects.

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