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Mike and the Mechanics Debut Album

Mike and the Mechanics were formed after Mike Rutherford of Genesis has released two solo albums, Mike sought to form a group were the members could be interchangeable (except him of course).

This solo outing of Mike’s would go on to achieve commercial success in America and Europe! with Paul Carrack (formerly of Ace and Squeeze) and Paul Young (formerly of Sad Cafe) remaining as lead or joint lead vocalists until 1999 when Paul Young passed away and in Paul Carrack’s case when his solo career schedule became so intense from 2005 onwards that he had little time left to dedicate to the Mechanics.


No. Title
1. “Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)” (Mike Rutherford, B. A. Robertson)
2. “All I Need Is a Miracle” (Rutherford, Christopher Neil)
3. “Par Avion” (Rutherford, Neil)
4. “Hanging By a Thread” (Rutherford, Neil, Robertson)
5. “I Get the Feeling” (Rutherford, Neil) Carrack 4:27
6. “Take the Reins” (Rutherford, Neil, Robertson)
7. “You Are the One” (Rutherford, Neil)
8. “A Call to Arms” (Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Rutherford, Neil, Robertson)
9. “Taken In” (Rutherford, Neil)
Total length:


Mike Rutherford – guitar, bass
Paul Carrack – lead vocals
Paul Young – lead vocals
Adrian Lee – keyboards
Peter Van Hooke – drums

Additional personnel

John Kirby – lead vocals
Gene Stashuck – additional vocals on “A Call to Arms” (sings “Sweet Avalon, the heat is on”)
Dereck Austin – keyboards
Ray Beavis – saxophone
John Earle – saxophone
Luis Jardim – percussion
Alan Murphy – guitar
Ian Wherry – keyboards
Alan Carvel – background vocals
Christopher Neil – background vocals
Linda Taylor – background vocals


The Album was mainly recorded in Air Studios on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat and in part at Fisher Lane Farm (the Genesis studios) in Surrey England.

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