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The Little Things That Matter

This was Dale Newman’s first full album with the “The Eyes Have It” being classed as an EP almost because of it only having six songs, here with The Little Things That Matter you can clearly tell Dale has crafted his sound and his production skills noticeably further from his first solo outing “The Eyes Have It”.

The album was released on the 10th September 1999

Track Listing

  1. High Wire (Instrumental)
  2. I’m Proud of You
  3. Say That You’ll Lead Me
  4. Someone Else Like Me
  5. Measured In Ounces
  6. The Big Fish
  7. Frozen In Time
  8. The Grace Is Gone
  9. My Independence Day
  10. Canada
  11. Yesterday’s News


All Songs written and recorded by Dale Newman


Mastered by Geoff Callingham and Dale Newman at Fisher Lane Farm

Sleeve Design

Helmut Janisch who was assisted by Dale.

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