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SELECTION Announced – Coming May 13th

From the Steve Hackett account, a compilation of Genesis Revisited material is to be released with some additional material, including a new recording of Carpet Crawlers with Ray Wilson. We’re going to have a sneak listen to it and review the original Revisited with the second back to back as well as including the new version of Carpet Crawlers.

The press release states:

As the Genesis Revisited live experience is about to be unleashed in the UK, Steve Hackett announces the release of Selection on 13th May; the single CD album will feature a collection of songs taken from Genesis Revisited II andinclude a newly recorded version of Carpet Crawlers, a pre-tour treat from the legendary guitarist with Ray Wilson on vocal duties.  Carpet Crawlers will also be available as a single track for digital download.

“This single CD album features some of my favourite shorter songs and highlights from Genesis Revisited II’ – says Hackett enthusiastically – “along with additional track ‘Carpet Crawlers’ sung by Ray Wilson, who joined Genesis as singer on Calling All Stations. He does a great job here filling Gabriel’s shoes, but with his own special style. It’s great to be flying the flag once more for the early Genesis sound on the eve of the World Tour…”

 Full track listing is:

1.  Carpet Crawlers

2.  11th Earl of Mar

3.  The Lamia

4.  Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

5.  Entangled

6.  Shadow of the Hierophant

7.  Can-Utility and the Coastliners

8.  Afterglow

9.  Blood on the Rooftops

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