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Mike Rutherford WMMS Interview during the Selling England Tour

  Mike Rutherford talks about the previous show. They talk about the visual aspect of the show and how dangerous that could be as it might clash with the audience’s …

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Steve Hackett on KNAC Long Beach, CA – The Import Show

Steve Hackett is on KNAC FM 105.5, Long Beach with DJ John Clark (real name, Andrew Amador). He did a regular show called ‘The Import Show’, which was broadcast on …

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Steve Hackett on WNEW 102.7 FM (NY) with Scott Muni

Steve discusses with Scott Muni about the recent Trick of the Tail tour and the new live arrangement with Phil. They also discuss Steve’s solo output, Voyage of the Acolyte. …

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Phil and Mike talk to Scott Muni about Wind and Wuthering on WNEW Topics discussed include the touring schedule for Wind and Wuthering. A very relaxed interview. Presenter: Scott Muni Date: February, 20th, 1977 Radio Station: WNEW (New York Radio) Other Notes: …

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BBC Radio One, Genesis promoting Duke Album Tour – March 12th 1980

Genesis appear on BBC Radio One to promote the recently released Duke, discussing some of the songs that were played from tape. The band also discuss touring arrangements and rehearsals for the tour.

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Tony Banks on Chom FM discussing Duke and A Curious Feeling

A fairly brief interview with Tony on Toronto radio station, Chom FM 97.7FM. Topics included are Tony’s album at that point (A Curious Feeling) as well as the Duke Tour, …

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Phil Collins Interview with John Shaw on Making Face Value – 27th January

Sourced from an original tape, this interview was conducted on the 27th January 1981 between Phil Collins and John Shaw. The interview was first aired in February 1981 and received …

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Steve Hackett interviewed in Milan (Cured Promo)

Recorded at a Press conference before the Italian tour for the Cured tour. Taken at the Polygram offices (Milano) on the 7th September 1981. Many interviewers and people ask questions …

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Tony, Mike and Phil on Sheffield’s Radio Hallam

Interview with each member of the band from Radio Hallam. They discuss the latest studio album (Abacab) and the upcoming shows in England, plus the rehearsals. We get to hear …

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Phil Collins interview with WMMR during Genesis Abacab tour.

Phil Collins takes a break during the Abacab tour to answer questions with Anita Gevinson. This interview is in fact seen in the Three Sides Live film. Topics discussed include, …

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Peter on Chum FM about the upcoming 6 of the Best, the Womad festival and his latest work Topics discussed include the failed but well intentioned WOMAD festival, the Six of the Best show that is designed to help Peter after the WOMAD festival, as well as …

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Mike Rutherford on Radio 1 talking about Six of the Best

A telephone discussion with Mike hours before the Six of the Best show a Benefit for Womad.
Presenter: Andy Peebles
Date: October 1st 1982
Radio Station: Radio 1 (BBC London Radio)
No Transcript Available

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Mike Rutherford explores Six Of the Best, Acting Very Strange, and much more on BBC Radio 1

Mike Rutherford as interviewed by Andy Peebles on the 21st January 1983 for BBC Radio 1. Over the 20 plus minutes they discuss many topics in a rather engaging interview. …

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Steve Hackett Interview with Signal Radio

Steve Hackett interviewed for Signal Radio on the 2nd November 1983 to promote his live show that evening at Keele University. Steve also is promoting Bay of Kings, his latest …

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CHUM-FM Toronto Concert Reports & Mike Rutherford interview

A radio interview with Mike and concert reports from the 1983 tour. This is from the Toronto based station, Chum FM, and covers 2 nights. It features reviews by several …

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Phil, Tony, and Mike Talk to David ‘Kid’ Jensen on the upcoming Invisible Touch UK tour“KID”%20Jensen.mp3 Capital Radio 95.8 FM interviewer DJ David “KID” Jensen Interview conducted on the 28/6/87 Phil Tony and Mike interviewed about the Invisible Touch tour and about what they are …

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Tony On Rockline (Telephone Q and A)

Tony Banks appears on Rockline discussing his latest solo album at that point (Still) and the latest Genesis album and subsequent tour (for We Can’t Dance). The piece is primarily …

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Daryl Stuermer on WKLT (Milwaukee Radio) after the 2007 reunion announcement

Interview on 96.5 WKLH (Milwaukee Radio) with Dave and Carole. Daryl talkes about his career, his history with Genesis and of course the upcoming tour. He expects more shows …

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Mike talks to Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2

Mike makes an appearance for a 10 minutes interview with Simon Mayo about his latest book and other projects, as well as some discussion about Mike’s recording process. Program: …

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