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Press photo – Flaming Youth - 1969

This is a press photo of the group – Flaming Youth, featuring Phil Collins and Ronnie Caryl (Ronnie would go on to work with Phil from 1996/7 onwards) Ronnie also …

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Genesis NYC promo photo - 1972

  Genesis in NYC 1972

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Genesis Promo photos - 1973

  These are few Genesis press photos from 1973

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Promo photo – David Hentschel photo – Startling Music - 1975

This is a promo photo of David Hentschel used to promote the album Startling Music (which is David’s album) and which Phil Collins played drums on! Further more it is …

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Trick Of The Tail – Press photos – some with Bill Bruford - 1976

Genesis press photos from 1976…. One with Tony,Steve,Mike and Phil around A Trick Of The Tail One with Phil Collins and Bill Bruford ( A Trick of the tail’s touring …

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Bill Bruford promo photo - 1976

  This is a Bill Bruford promo photo taken around 1976/1977 he was the Genesis touring drummer on the 1976 A Trick Of The Tail Tour.

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Promo photo – Genesis – Wind and Wuthering – November - 1976

Press photo of Genesis around the time of Wind and Wuthering, taken at The Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury, London. This image was taken around the time that the news broke …

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Peter Gabriel promo photo Car era! - 1977

A Peter Gabriel press photo from 1977 – similar to the one used on Solsbury Hill single!

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Brand X Press photo - 1977

    a Brand X press photo used to promote Moroccan Roll (April 1977)

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Brand X – Group photo - 1977

  Brand X line up from 1977 in this photo are as follows left to right! Kenwood Dennard, John Goodsall, Morris Pert, Robin Lumley, Percy Jones

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Brand X portrait press photos - 1977

Here you will find single photos of each of the band members of Brand X 1977, the only missing photo from the collection is that of Guitarist John Goodsall.

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Promo photo – Steve Hackett - 1978

A Steve Hackett promo photo from 1978, this one has the Charisma Record company logo on it. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this item)

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Peter Gabriel press photos - 1978

Two Peter Gabriel press photos from 1978… one of which includes Producer Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

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Genesis – A Collection of Press photos from - 1978

These are three Press photos from 1978 includes Phil,Mike,Tony stood at Knebworth Park on the run up to the only UK gig of 24th June 1978 amongst two other photos …

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Tony Banks – A Curious Feeling press photo - 1979

  This is a press photo of Tony Banks used for promotion of the Album “A Curious Feeling”.

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Smallcreeps Day promo photos - 1980

A Collection of Smallcreeps Day promotional photos featuring Mike Rutherford.

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Genesis promo photos Duke era - 1980

These photos were taken during the DUKE tour or rehearsals? one was used in the press kit for Duke the other entered a photo archive. © Michael Putland.

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Peter Gabriel press photo - 1980

A Peter Gabriel press photo from 1980!

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Genesis – press photo - 1981

This is an Abacab album era Charisma Records press photo.

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Genesis Three Sides Live promo photos - 1982

  Here are two promo photos for the Genesis live album “Three Sides Live”.

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Promo photo – BX – Is There Anything About? – - 1982

Is There Anything About? – 1982 Album from Brand X This album was mostly made up of the Ascot, Berkshire, England, sessions from 1979. In this promo photo you can …

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Peter Gabriel press photo - 1982

a Peter Gabriel press photo from September 1982.

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Chester Thompson Press photo - 1982

  a Chester Thompson touring drummer with Genesis/Phil Collins and who has appeared on albums by Tony Banks etc taken around 1982.

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Phil Collins promo photos - 1982

  These were taken around the time of Hello I Must Be Going, one of them is from the set of “Thru these walls” music video.

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Tony banks Promo photo – Charisma/Virgin Label 1983 - 1983

  I believe this Promo photo to be of around the time of The Fugitive album from June 1983.

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Genesis Mama album era press photos - 1983

  Two press photos from the Mama or Genesis album “Genesis” from 1983 here.

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Press photos – Genesis – The Mama tour - 1984

The Mama tour – 1984 This is a collection of five press photos used to promote the Mama tour. Sadly Daryl and Chester are not in this collection. (Many thanks …

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Phil Collins promo photos – No Jacket Required era - 1985

  Some Phil Collins promo photos from around 1985!

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Mike and The Mechanics press photo - 1985

  Press photo for the very first Mike and The Mechanics album in 1985.

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GTR Press photos - 1986

  These are two GTR press photos from April/May 1986.

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Peter Gabriel So - 1986

a SO Press photo

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Invisible Touch Press photos - 1986

These are a collection of promotional photos for the 1986 Genesis album Invisible Touch.

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Genesis – press photo - 1987

A Genesis press photo (taken in April) but used in May 1987 to announce some gigs Genesis were going to be doing.

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Mike and The Mechanics press photos - 1988

This is a trio of photos featruing group members of Mike and the Mechanics from around 1988 which would have been the era of The Living Years album..

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Press photo – Daryl Stuermer – Steppin Out – promo photo - 1988

This is a promo photo perhaps part of a press kit used to promote the 1988 Daryl Stuermer debut solo album Steppin out. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this …

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Phil Colins promo photos – But Seriously era - 1989

A few promo photos of Phil Collins around the time of the 1989 album But Seriously!.

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Phil Collins promo photos – 1990 - 1990

  a collection of Phil Collins promo photos from 1990.

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Tony Banks – Still era – promo photos - 1991

Two press photos from Virgin Records in 1991 One of Tony Banks and Nik Kershaw and another with the whole line up of “Still”

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Mike and The Mechanics – promo photos Word Of Mouth album - 1991

a few Mike and The Mechanics promo photos taken around the time of “The Word Of Mouth” album!

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We Can’t Dance Promo Photos - 1991

The end of a party photo (used on the inside of the album art work) is from the Chiddingfold Working Men’s Club, down the road from The Genesis recording studios …

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Press Photo – Peter Gabriel US - 1992

A Peter Gabriel press photo around the time of US (1992)

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Genesis – press photo’s - 1992

These are a selection of Promotional photos of Genesis from 1992 including Live photos (three from the 1992 Uk tour rehearsals in Southampton) and posed photos of Genesis doing the …

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Both Sides Of The Story – press photos - 1993

This is a selection of Press photos from the 1993 Phil Collins album Both Sides of the Story

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Peter Gabriel press photo “Steam” during the US tour! - 1994

    Peter Gabriel part way through the song “Steam” on his US tour hazard a guess 1994. (most likely used to promote the Live album from the tour)

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Phil Collins 1995 Tour Press photos - 1995

  These were used to promote the March 1995 tour of Australia

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Paul Carrack press photo - 1995

  This press photo is from 1995 for the Blue views album.   He is valid on here for being a former member of Mike and The Mechanics)

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Mike and The Mechanics – Hits – press photos 1996 - 1996

  Here are a selection of press photos from the 1996 album Hits…. In these photos are Mike Rutherford (band leader)… Paul Young (from Sad Cafe) and Paul Carrack (from …

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Phil Collins – Dance Into The Light – 1996 promo photos - 1996

A few press photos from Dance Into The Light! Note, the photo with Phil on a Rickenbacker gituar was taken on the set of the promotional video to “It’s In …

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Steve Hackett A Midsummer nights dream press photos - 1997

  Two press photos from A Midsummer nights dream.

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Calling All Stations Promo Photo - 1997

A Calling All Stations promo photo taken during the video shoot for Congo in Malta, Photograph taken by Armando Gallo.

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Press photos – Genesis – Calling All Stations era – August - 1997

Calling Stations era press photos. Featuring Ray Wilson, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for these)

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Genesis Archive 1 – 1967 to 1975 press photo - 1998

  In this press photo taken at Heathrow airport May 1998 are as follows Tony Banks,Steve Hackett, Peter Gabriel, Anthony Philips, Mike Rutherford, John Silver, Phil Collins

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Phil Collins Hit’s Promo photo Virgin Records - 1998

A Phil Collins press photo for the 1998 Hits album…. Virgin Records

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Phil Collins – Tarzan era photo - 1999

A Phil Collins press photo around the time of the Disney movie Tarzan.

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Mike and The Mechanics – M6 era – promo photos - 1999

These two promo photos are from the 1999 album M6 sadly it would be the last for Paul Young.

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