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One Of A Kind

Track listing

“Hell’s Bells” (Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart) 3:32
“One of a Kind, Pt. 1” (Bill Bruford) 2:20
“One of a Kind, Pt. 2” (Bruford, Stewart) 4:00
“Travels with Myself — And Someone Else” (Bruford) 6:10
“Fainting in Coils” (Bruford) 6:33
“Five G” (Jeff Berlin, Bruford, Stewart) 4:41
“The Abingdon Chasp” (Allan Holdsworth) 4:50
“Forever until Sunday” (Bruford) 5:46
“The Sahara of Snow, Pt. 1” (Bruford) 5:18
“The Sahara of Snow, Pt. 2” (Bruford, Eddie Jobson) 3:23


Jeff Berlin – bass, vocals
Bill Bruford – percussion, drums
Allan Holdsworth – guitar
Dave Stewart – keyboards


Stephen W Tayler – engineer, production assistant

Recorded January & February 1979 at Trident Studios in London

Cover design

Alwyn Clayden – art direction, design
Sheila Rock – photography
John Shaw – photography

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