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Brian Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) is the second solo album by Brian Eno. Produced by Eno, it was originally released by Island Records in November 1974 in a gatefold sleeve. …

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Promo photo – David Hentschel photo – Startling Music

This is a promo photo of David Hentschel used to promote the album Startling Music (which is David’s album) and which Phil Collins played drums on! Further more it is …

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David Hentschel – Startling Music – Capitol Records promo

David Hentschel – Startling Music (Capitol Records) The U.S. release was on February 17, 1975 and on the same date the single release from the album “Oh My My” c/w …

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Backseat Driver – Melody Maker – 26th April

An interview between Phil Collins and Chris Welch for Melody Maker, published in 26th April 1975. (Many thanks to Lamia for this excellent article)

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NME – Peter Gabriel leaving feature – Phil Collins interview – 13th September

A Phil Collins interview in NME published on the 13th September 1975, a weird slant on it Tony Tyler tries his best to irritate Phil by the way I read …

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Eddie Howell – Gramophone Record – Press Kit

A Press kit for the 1975 Album Gramophone Record by Eddie Howell.

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Eddie Howell – Gramophone Record – Album

Eddie Howell – Gramophone Record. This was the first album by Eddie Howell not long after he was signed to Warner Brothers, released sometime in October 1975. We have assumed …

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Brand X interview – Sounds 13th March

Dave Fudger interviews Phil Collins about Brand X (mostly) and a bit about Genesis First published in Sounds on the 13th March 1976 (Many thanks to Lamia for this interesting …

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Before and After Science

Listed on this site because Phil Collins plays drums on some of the album and the Genesis webmaster Bill MacCormick from 2001 to 2007 also played on the album. As …

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Beat Instrumental – Feb 1978 – Brian Eno

Brian Eno is interviewed about the album, Before and After Science which Phil Collins played on!

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Melody Maker – Rob and Gab’s Big Night – Chris Welch reviews the gig

Tom Robinson and Peter Gabriel somehow ended up having a scheduling clash at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, they decided to team together and perform a one of show which …

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Album advert – gig advert – Road Argent – NME – 27th January

This an advert for the Rod Argent album “Moving Home” Phil Collins played drums on this album and some members of Brand X had performed / produced the album. Included …

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Ticket – Rod Argent and Friends – The Venue Club – 9th February

This is the second night of two at The Venue Club in London, England on the 9th February 1979, the line up played the night before on the 8th February …

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Review – Robert Fripp – Exposure – Sounds 5th May

This is a review of the Robert Fripp album “Exposure” released in 1979. Review first published in Sounds on the 5th May 1979, featured here because Phil Collins appears on …

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Feature – John Martyn – The Guardian – London – 23rd May

This is a feature about John Martyn, it is included here because it mentions Phil Collins, as a producer etc. First published in The Guardian (London, Greater London, England), on …

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Press photo – Frida Lyngstad and Phil Collins

This is a press photo for the Frida Lyngstad album – Something’s Going On! Frida and Phil can be seen in Polar Studio’s in Stockholm during the album sessions.

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Something’s Going On – Frida Lyngstad

Something’s Going On – This was the first album that Phil Collins got to cut his teeth as a producer. The album was released in the UK on the 18th …

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Adam Ant – Phil Collins promo photo

This is an Epic Records promo photo dated August 1983 to announce the Adam Ant solo album recording sessions (or collaboration with Phil Collins).

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Adam Ant – Strip

Strip is the second solo album by Adam Ant, released in 1983. It marked a decline in Ant’s success, as it only reached #65 in the US and #20 in …

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Press sheet – Atlantic Records – PC – Against All Odds – 16th April

An Atlantic Records press sheet dated the 16th April 1984. News and topics covered: 1) Against All Odds reaches Number 1 in more than one chart 2) Against All Odds …

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Chinese Wall – Easy Lover – Phil Bailey and Phil Collins

  Phil Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire is announced here as working with Phil Collins in terms of production and how they got together, this would result in Phil …

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Easy Lover / Woman

Easy Lover is a duet with Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire this is a single taken from Philip Bailey’s album Chinese Wall which Phil Collins produced, Easy Lover …

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Chinese Wall – Philip Bailey

According to the UK Chart information the album Chinese Wall was released on 30th March 1985 reaching number 29 in the album charts and spending 17 weeks in the charts. …

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Interview – EC – Daily News – New York – 22nd April

Behind The Sun Owing to the fact Phil Collins produced this album and played drums on some of the tracks, we have included this interview between Eric Clapton and Dan …

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Press kit – Phil Collins – Marilyn Martin – Separate Lives – 25th November

Separate Lives press kit, this is a press photo (a still from the music video) and two press sheets from the single – Separate Lives. The song is taken from …

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Silver Award – Phil Collins – Marilyn Martin – Separate Lives

Separate Lives was a originally a song written by Stephen Bishop whom Phil Collins had been a friend of, Phil liked the song so much be asked if he could …

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Tears For Fears – The Seeds Of Love

Sowing The Seeds Of Love was the third album by Tears For Fears, this album appears here because Phil Collins plays the drums on the track Woman In Chains, David …

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Concert review – Eric Clapton – The Evening Standard – London – 6th February

Eric Clapton – 24 Nights at The Royal Albert Hall – 1991 This review was published in The Evening Standard (London, Greater London, England), on the 6th February 1991 This …

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Single – David Crosby – PC – HERO – promo – 4th May

This is a promo single taken from the David Crosby album Thousand Roads, Featuring Phil Collins who also co produced it with Nick Davis, this promo was released on the …

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Q’s Jook joint

Q’s Jook Joint, was released on the 7th November 1995. Quincy Jones had a number of artists record jazz standards for an album he wanted to release, one of the …

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In My Life – George Martin

In My Life – George Martin (Producer) decided to record and release an album of songs that he felt a special bond with but with a new twist. Some of …

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Live CD – PC – La Chât – 29th November

This is a live CD Recorded at The Châtaigneraie, Founex, Switzerland on the evening of the 29th November 2008. This CD was at a later date handed to the parents as …

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