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Tony Banks decided to try a group orientated project having seen Mike Rutherford acheive success in doing the same with Mike and the Mechanics.

Track listing

All songs written by Tony Banks.

“Throwback” 4:39
“I’ll Be Waiting” 5:56
“Queen Of Darkness” * 4:26
“That Night” 4:41
“Raincloud” 4:40
“The Border” 5:52
“Big Man” 4:16
“A House Needs A Roof” ** 4:07
“The More I Hide It” 4:30
“Diamonds Aren’t So Hard” (omitted from LP version) 5:12
” Thursday The Twelfth” 4:48


Tony Banks: keyboards, bass synth, lead vocal (track 7) and synth lead-guitar (track 7)
Alistair Gordon: lead vocals (except tracks 3, 7, 8, & 11), backing vocals
Jayney Klimek: lead vocals (tracks 3, 4, & 8), backing vocals

Additional personnel

Geoff Dugmore: drums
Pino Palladino: bass guitar (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 & 11)
Dick Nolan: bass guitar (tracks 3, 6 & 7)
Steve Hillage: guitar
John Wilson: additional vocals (track 1)

“The Phantom Horns”: keyboard brass (track 1)
(Gary Barnacle: saxophone, Pete Thorns: trombone, John Thirkell: trumpet and Derek Watkins: trumpet)
Martin Ditcham: congas, tambourine
Martin Robinson: saxophones (tracks 9 & 10)


Produced by Steve Hillage and Tony Banks
Engineered by Steve Chase, additional engineering by John Gallon
Assistants: Simon Osborne, Hugo Nicholson, Andy Mason and Croydon

Recorded at The Farm, Surrey
Technical Assistants: Geoff Callingham, Mike Bowen

Album cover

Design: Halpin Grey Vermier


Released on the 14th August 1989.


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