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The Bristol Recorder #2 Ft Peter Gabriel

The Recorder a mix of local talent in the region of Bristol/Bath in the UK and that included unheard of artists and of course the more known and popular Peter Gabriel.

The compilation album includes an interview/advert section as part of the sleeve design for purposes of the website we have only scanned in the Peter Gabriel interview.


  1. Fish Food – Dry Ice Hot
  2. Fish Food – Seventeen Eels
  3. Fish Food – Modern Dance Craze
  4. Peter Gabriel – Not One Of Us
  5. Peter Gabriel – Humdrum
  6. Peter Gabriel – Ain’t That Peculiar
  7. Radicals, The – Nights Of Passion
  8. Radicals, The – Time Out
  9. Radicals, The – Soul Eternal
  10. X-Certs, The – Queen And Country
  11. X-Certs, The – Visions Of Fate
  12. Welders, The – Voices

Notes: Released onto vinyl only, there is a rerelease onto CD however the Gabriel tracks were excluded. All the Gabriel tracks are live songs.

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