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Genesis release the self titled album fans dub ‘Mama’ or ‘Shapes’


1. Mama
2. That’s All
3. Home by the Sea
4. Second Home by the Sea
5. Illegal Alien
6. Taking it all too Hard
7. Just a Job to Do
8. Silver Rainbow
9. It’s Gonna Get Better


All songs written by Genesis.

TONY BANKS – Keyboards, backing vocals.
MICHAEL RUTHERFORD – Guitars, Bass, backing vocals.
PHIL COLLINS – Drums, Percussion, Lead vocals.

Alll titles published by Anthony Banks Ltd/Philip Collins Ltd/Michael Rutherford Ltd/Hit and Run Music (Publishing) Ltd
Recorded and mixed at the Farm, Surrey 1983
Produced by GENESIS (with HUGH PADGHAM)
Engineered by HUGH PADGHAM
Technical Assistance GEOFF CALLINGHAM
Without whom dept: Geoff Callingham, Geoff Banks, Steve Jones, Dale & Clair Newman, Tony Smith, Carole Willis and Andy Mackrill and all at Hit and Run Music
Remastered at The Farm and Abbey Road by Nick Davis, Geoff Callingham and Chris Blair


Released October 1983
Re-issue July 1987

Top chart position:
UK – No. 1
USA – No. 9

Aug 83 – Mama/It’s gonna get better
UK No. 4, USA No. 73
Nov 83 – That’s all/Taking it all too hard
UK No. 16
Nov 83 – That’s all/Second home by the sea
USA No. 6
Feb 84 – Illegal alien/Turn it on again (live)
UK No. 46, USA No. 44
Jun 84 – Taking it all too hard/Silver rainbow
USA No. 50 USA No. 58

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