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Phil Collins returned to Brand X in part due to the fact Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks of Genesis were recording their own solo albums and Phil had time on his hands.

Phil did tour with Brand X later on in 1979 but it would be his last tour with the group, in part due to the fact that 1980 would mark a major success for Genesis and Phil would record his own solo album that would catapult him to solo success. With all of that on his plate he couldnt find time for Brand X.


Side one

“Don’t Make Waves” (Goodsall) – 5:28
“Dance of the Illegal Aliens” (Jones) – 7:50
“Soho” (Goodsall, Collins) – 3:38
“…And So to F…” (Collins) – 6:29

Side two

“Algon (Where an Ordinary Cup of Drinking Chocolate Costs £8,000,000,000)” (Lumley) – 6:10
“Rhesus Perplexus” (Giblin) – 3:59
“Wal to Wal / Not Good Enough – See Me!” – 10:44
“Wal to Wal” (Jones, Giblin)
“Not Good Enough – See Me!” (Jones, Robinson)
“April” (Giblin) – 2:36


“Don’t Make Waves” (Goodsall) – 5:31
“Dance Of The Illegal Aliens” (Jones) – 7:49
“Soho” (Goodsall, Collins) – 3:40
“Not Good Enough-See Me!” (Jones, Robinson) – 7:29
“Algon (Where An Ordinary Cup Of Drinking Chocolate Costs £8,000,000,000)” (Lumley) – 6:08
“Rhesus Perplexus” (Giblin) – 4:00
“Wal To Wal” (Jones, Giblin) – 3:14
“…And So To F…” (Collins) – 6:28
“April” (Giblin) – 2:08


except on “Dance Of The Illegal Aliens”; “Wal To Wal”; “Not Good Enough – See Me!”
Keyboards, Sounds [Gunfire, Chainsaw] – Robin Lumley
Guitar – John Goodsall
Bass – John Giblin
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Phil Collins

On “Dance Of The Illegal Aliens”; “Wal To Wal”; “Not Good Enough – See Me!”
Keyboards, Sounds [Gunfire], Vocals – Peter Robinson
Guitar, Vocals – John Goodsall
Bass – Percy Jones
Drums – Mike Clark
Percussion – Morris Pert
Roland CR 78 Drum Machine (“Wal to Wal”) – Phil Collins


Produced by Brand X, Colin Green, Neil Kernon


Starling Studios, Ascot April 1979


14th September 1979 on Charisma Records (CAS 1147)

and later on by Virgin Records in 1989 on (CASCD 1147)


The song “Wal to Wal” is the first recorded song on which Phil Collins used a Roland CR 78 drum machine. (The first recorded Genesis song on which he used a drum machine is Duchess.)

Both “Don’t Make Waves” and “Soho” were released as singles.

The non-album song “Pool Room Blues” was used as a b-side to one of the singles. It is the only non-album Brand X song, because the other b-side, “Noddy Goes to Sweden”, was used on the next album.

Various releases of the album switch the track list with “…And So to F…” and “Not Good Enough – See Me!”

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