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Sounds – 3rd November – Phil Collins interview

Sounds – 3rd November 1973 – Phil Collins is interviewed by Jerry Gilbert, Phil talks about a recording sessions with Mike Rutherford / Anthony Phillips (which would become parts of …

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Interview – Genesis – Record Mirror – 19th January

This is an interview with Phil Collins, he is being interviewed by Peter Harvey. The interview was published in Record Mirror and titled “Our act was slowly taking us over” …

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Interview – Genesis – Looking For A Backseat Role – 8th June

Genesis are interviewed by Jerry Gilbert for Sounds, interview published 8th June 1974. It is mainly Peter Gabriel who discusses a variety of subjects including: Working with Martin Hall Mike …

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News – AP – Beyond An Empty Dream – The Whitstable Times – Kent – England – 4th April

Beyond An Empty Dream This is the news that Beyond An Empty Dream (Album), is being released this week (news feature dated 4th April 1975). Of particular interest is the …

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The Geese and The Ghost Press Kit

Anthony Phillips debut solo album, The Geese and The Ghost. This is a press kit from American distributor/record company Passport Records. Includes forward letting about promotion for the album in …

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The Geese and The Ghost – advert – Melody Maker – 5th March

Here is an advert which appeared in Melody Maker for the Anthony Phillips debut album – The Geese and The Ghost. This advert appeared in Melody Maker on the 5th …

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The Geese and The Ghost

Track listing All songs Phillips (Virgin Music Ltd.) except * Phillips / Rutherford (Virgin Music Ltd./Michael Rutherford Ltd./Hit And Run Music Publishing Ltd.) Original vinyl album & CD releases / …

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Interview – Anthony “Ant” Phillips – Sounds March 26th

Sounds 26th March 1977 – Dan Hedges interviews Anthony Phillips about “The Geese and The Ghost” Amongst other topics. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this item)

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Review – PG and AP first solo album’s – Winnipeg – 2nd April

Peter Gabriel’s first solo album (PG 1) or CAR is reviewed as is Anthony Phillip’s first solo album The Geese and The Ghost in this edition of the Winnipeg Free …

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Review – The Geese and The Ghost – Sounds 9th April

A review of The Geese and The Ghost (acetate as the reviewer admits), written by Dan Hedges and published in Sounds on the 9th April 1977. (Thanks to Mark Kenyon …

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The Geese and The Ghost advert – Dutch music paper 22nd April

An advert for the debut Anthony Philips album The Geese and The Ghost, advertised here in a dutch music paper on the 22nd April 1977. (Many thanks to Jeff Kaa …

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The Geese and The Ghost – 2008 Remaster

This is the 30th anniversary 2 CD remastered reissue which was released on the 14th April 2008 The Geese and the Ghost was originally released in 1977 and features performances …

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The Geese and The Ghost – 2015 Remaster

The 3 disc 2015 remaster featuring a DVD with the whole album in Surround Sound was released on the 9th March 2015. • A 3 CD DEFINITIVE EDITION OF THIS …

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