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Hello, I Must Be Going


I Don’t Care Anymore

Phil – Keyboards, Drums, Vocals, Bass Pedals
Daryl Stuermer – Guitars

I Cannot Believe It’s True

Phil – Keys, Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Daryl – Guitars
John Giblin – Bass
Don Myrick – Alto Sax Solo
Don, Louis, Rhamlee, Michael – Phenix Horns
Don, Louis, Rham, Phil, Peter Newton – Phenix Choir

Like China

Phil – Keys, Drums, Vocals, Claps
Daryl – Guitars
John – Bass
Do You Know, Do You Care? Phil – Keys. Drums, Vocals, Pedals, Tymps, Trumpet
Daryl – Guitar

You Can’t Hurry Love

Phil – Drums, Vocals, Tambourine
Daryl – Guitar
John – Bass
Peter Robinson – Piano, Glock, Vibraphone
Strings Arranged By Martyn Ford

It Don’t Matter To Me

Phil – Keys, Drums. Vocals, Percussion
Daryl – Guitars
Mo Foster – Bass
Don, Louis, Rham, Michael – Phenix Horns

Thru These Walls

Phil – Keys, Drums, Vocals, Marimba
Daryl – Guitars
Mo – Bass

Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away

Phil – Piano, Drums, Vocals
Daryl – Guitars
John – Bass
Strings Arranged By Martyn Ford

The West Side

Phil – Keys, Drums, Percussion, Vocal, Pedals
Daryl – Guitars
Don – Alto Saxophone
Don, Louis, Rham, Michael – Phenix Horns

Why Can’t It Wait’ Til Morning

Phil – Piano, Vocal
Strings Arranged By Martyn Ford

Album Credits

Produced by Phil Collins,
Assisted by Hugh Padgham
Engineered by Hugh Padgham,
Assisted by Howard Gray
Thanks to Martyn Ford for extra mixing hands on the orchestral tracks
Recorded at Old Croft On 1″ 8 track,
Overdubbed at ‘The Farm’ and ‘Townhouse’ May-June ’82
Strings recorded at CBS, Engineered by Mike Ross
Main cover photo by Trevor Key
Mastered by Ian Cooper

The Mountain Fjord Orchestra was conducted by Martyn Ford and led by Garyn Wright
The Phenix Horns are Don Myrick – Tenor and Alto, Louis Satterfield – Trombone, Rhamlee Michael Davis – Trumpet Michael Harris – Trumpet, Arranged by Tom-Tom 84

Very special thanks to: Tony Smith, Geoff Banks, Geoff Callingham, Dale and Clair, Steve Jones, Andy Mackrill, G, Martyn, Liz and Nat Hugh, Tom Tom and the boys, Daryl, P.R., Carole Willis, Hit ‘N’ Run, Charlene, Doug, Perry and Ahmet for their enthusiasm, Nick Lesley and the Q.V, Eric and Pattie a special place, The Bish who almost appeared, Steve Martin and Tony Hancock … And to Simon and Joely . . . and Jill who put up with it all.


Nov 1982 Released
June 1988 CD issue
June1991 Re-issue

Top chart position:
UK No. 2
USA No. 8

Oct 82 Thru these walls/ Do you know, do you care
UK No. 56
Nov 82 You can’t hurry love/I can’t believe it’s not true
UK No. 1
You can’t hurry love/Do you know, do you care
USA No. 10
Feb 83 I don’t care anymore/The west side
USA No. 39
Mar 83 Don’t let him steal your heart away/ Thunder and Lightning
UK No. 45
May 83 Why can’t it wait til morning/Like china (USA)
I can’t believe its not true/Thru these walls
USA No. 79

Awards and Certificates


3 x Platinum Certification (Album) 01 May 1994 VIRGIN (VIRGIN)Released 05 November 1982

2 x Platinum Certification 10 February 1986

Platinum Certification 25 January 1983
Gold Certification 13 October 1982
Silver Certification 13 October 1982
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