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Strictly Inc

The album is a self titled project album featuring Tony Banks of (Genesis) and Jack Hues of (Wang Chang).

Track listing

“Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” – 3:59
“Walls Of Sound” – 5:07
“Only Seventeen” – 4:57
“The Serpent Said” – 5:28
“Never Let Me Know” – 6:20
“Charity Balls” – 4:38
“Something To Live For” – 5:17
“A Piece Of You” – 4:47
“Strictly Incognito” – 5:05
“An Island In The Darkness” – 17:21


Tony Banks – keyboards
Jack Hues – vocals, guitars
John Robinson – drums
Daryl Stuermer – guitars
Nathan East – bass


Produced by Tony Banks and Nick Davis, Engineered by Nick Davis, assisted by Mark Robinson, technical assistance Geoff Callingham and Mike Bowen
Recorded at Fisher Lane Farm

Cover design

Hills Archer Ink, Illustrations by John Challis


Only Seventeen (cd single) (August 1995)
Only Seventeen
Only Seventeen (A Saabson/Svenson Remix)
The Serpent Said
Only Seventeen (House Mix by Andy Falconer)

Only Seventeen (promo cd) (1995)
Only Seventeen (radio edit)
Only Seventeen (LP version)
The Serpent Said
Only Seventeen (House Mix by Andy Falconer)

Walls of Sound (cd single) (1996)
Walls Of Sound (Remix) (Additional production and remix by Chris Hughes and Jack Hues)
Back To You ā€“ 4:51 (Words & Music by Tony Banks and Nik Kershaw; vocals: Jack Hues)
Only Seventeen (Instrumental) ā€“ 4:57

Notes: Nathan East and Daryl Stuermer recorded their parts during a break of the Phil Collins Far Side Of The World Tour of 1995.

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