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Guaranteed Pure ‎– The Same Size As This, But Bigger ?

Guaranteed Pure ‎– The Same Size As This, But Bigger ? is a recording of the Guaranteed Pure set of Demo’s recorded at the Fingers Bar in Edinburgh between 1990/91 …

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Guaranteed Pure – Live at Fingers

This is Guaranteed Pure live at Fingers piano bar, it was these live recordings and shows that meant Guaranteed Pure could make enough money to record there debut studio album …

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News – Ray Wilson – The Evening Post – Nottingham – 25th August

Guaranteed Pure This is a feature in the local newspaper The Evening Post (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England), on the 25th August 1992 Guaranteed Pure are in the news for they are …

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Guaranteed Pure ‎– Swing Your Bag

Guaranteed Pure, formed with Ray Wilson and they practised and played many live gigs before they found the money to record a professional album. Released at some point in 1993 …

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Outpaitents ’93

A compilation album of local artists in the Edinburgh area put together by Fish formerly of the band Marillion, the project was called “The Funny Farm Project” Dick Brothers Record …

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Stiltskin – Inside

Inside was released on 7th May 1994 (according to UK chart info) it also happened to be used by LEVI in a rather stark Denim Jeans commercial! This use of …

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Review – Rumpled – Stiltskin reviewed in Making Music – June

The Minds Eye is reviewed in this months Making Music (June 1994) Some of the band are interviewed as well! (many thanks to M.Kenyon for this item)

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Stiltskin Promo CD – Includes interview August 1994

  This is a promo CD which includes an interview both on the CD and also transcribed into the booklet.

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Gig advert – Stiltskin – Camden Underworld – London – October 10th

The Minds Eye tour This is an advert for the show at The Camden Underworld, Camden, London, England on the 10th October 1994. Stiltskin are supported by Sulphur. (many thanks …

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Review – Stiltskin – Leicester gig – Kerrang – Oct

The Minds Eye Tour A review of a Stiltskin gig at Princess Charlotte in Leicester, England on the 1st October 1994. Review written by – Steve BeeBee, photo by Steve …

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Stiltskin – The Minds Eye

The Mind’s Eye is the first studio album by the band Stiltskin. The album was driven by the success of the single “Inside”, which reached #1 in the UK thanks …

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Advert – Stiltskin – Rest in peace – single – mini tour – Smash hits – March 1st

This is an advert for the Stiltskin single – Rest In Peace and a mini tour of the UK held at Virgin Music stores. We have conducted some research, we …

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The Minds Eye Press Kit


Cut_ – Millionairhead

Cut the band that Ray had to put on hold whilst he auditioned for Genesis in 1996 and recorded and toured with them through to the end of May 1998. …

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Ticket – RW – CUT – Colos Saal – Aschaffenburg – 13th June

CUT – Millionairhead tour – 1999 This is a ticket for the show at The Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany on the 13th June 1999 (An exceptional thank you to Christian Gerhardts …

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Ray Wilson – Unplugged / Live and Acoustic

Ray Wilson Unplugged or Live and Acoustic was released on the 10th December 2001, it was initially available on the Ray Wilson online shop but it found its way onto …

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Change – Ray Wilson

According to Official Ray Wilson website the album “Change” was released on 10th March 2003! Track listing (Regular edition) “Intro” “Goodbye Baby Blue” “Change” “Along The Way” Written by Steve …

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The Next Best Thing – Ray Wilson

Track listing “These Are The Changes” “Inside” Written by Lawlor. “How High” Written by Scott Spence and Ray Wilson. “The Fool In Me” “Adolescent Breakdown” “Sometimes” “Alone” “Magic Train” “The …

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Gig flyer – RW – The Next Best Thing – Edinburgh – Fringe – August

The Next Best Thing tour ( Edinburgh Fringe Residentiary 2004 ) A post card advertising the series of live gigs at The Lighthouse in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland throughout August 2004. …

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Ray Wilson – Live (Rock)

Ray Wilson Live (Rock) was released on the 1st March 2005 on Ray Wilson’s online shop, it was also on sale on the Merchandise desk on subsequent tours. As well …

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Stiltskin – SHE

She was officially released to the world in Germany on the 6th October 2006, The UK release was delayed until “sometime in 2007” although you could buy it from the …

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Stiltskin Live

Stiltskin Live was released on the 23rd April 2007. Track List: Sunshine and Butterflies Sarah Fly High Constantly Reminded Gypsy Another Day Lemon Yellow Sun Taking Time She Adolescent Breakdown …

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Ray Wilson – Propaganda Man

Propaganda Man was released on the 10th November 2008, although it had been available on the merchandise desk during the autumn 2008 Ray Wilson tour which was heading through Germany …

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Stiltskin – Unfulfillment

Unfulfillment was released on the 9th September 2011 it was another Stiltskin album but a bit softer than the previous Stiltskin release SHE (2006). Track list 1. “Accidents Will Happen” …

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Ticket – RW – Worpswede Music Hall – Worpswede – Germany – 18th November

Unfulfillment Tour 2011 A ticket for the show at The Worpswede Music Hall, Worpswede, Germany on the 18th November 2011. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this ticket)

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Flyer – RW – The Worpswede Music Hall – Worpswede – Germany – 18th November

Unfulfillment Tour 2011 A flyer for the show at The Worpswede Music Hall, Worpswede, Germany on the 18th November 2011. (Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this flyer)

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Ray Wilson – Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows is a Ray Wilson solo album and comes after his work with Stiltskin and his Genesis Classic project. Chasing Rainbows was released on the 13th April 2013. Track …

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SELECTION Announced – Coming May 13th

From the Steve Hackett account, a compilation of Genesis Revisited material is to be released with some additional material, including a new recording of Carpet Crawlers with Ray Wilson. We’re …

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Song For A Friend – Ray Wilson

Stiltskin frontman and ex Genesis lead singer Ray Wilson has announced the release of his fifth solo studio album ‘Song For A Friend’, dedicated to his much missed friend James …

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