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Tears For Fears – The Seeds Of Love

Sowing The Seeds Of Love was the third album by Tears For Fears, this album appears here because Phil Collins plays the drums on the track Woman In Chains,

David Bascombe who was the tape operator during the recording sessions of Tony Bank’s first album ( A Curious Feeling ) 1979

Later on he became a producer and he produced this Tears For Fears album so that is the second Genesis connection,

finally supreme Session Bassist Pino Palladino plays Bass on the 1989 Phil Collins album But Seriously!

Extra:Manu Katché who worked with Peter Gabriel on SO is also on this album.

Track listing

No. Title                           Writer(s)              Length

1. “Woman in Chains” Roland Orzabal 6:30
2. “Badman’s Song” Orzabal, Nicky Holland 8:32
3. “Sowing the Seeds of Love” Orzabal, Curt Smith 6:19
4. “Advice for the Young at Heart” Orzabal, Holland 4:54
5. “Standing on the Corner of the Third World” Orzabal 5:30
6. “Swords and Knives” Orzabal, Holland 6:20
7. “Year of the Knife” Orzabal, Holland 7:01
8. “Famous Last Words” Orzabal, Holland 4:25

Total length:

Bonus tracks

1999 Reissue

No. Title                                                                                                    Writer(s)                               Length
9. “Tears Roll Down” (B-side to “Sowing The Seeds Of Love”) Orzabal, Dave Bascombe 3:16
10. “Always in the Past” (B-side to “Woman in Chains”) Orzabal, Ian Stanley 4:38
11. “Music for Tables” (B-side to “Advice for the Young at Heart”) Orzabal 3:32
12. “Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams” (additional B-side to “Advice for the Young at Heart”) Orzabal 4:17

Total length:

Note: A remix of “Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams” was also released as a separate single in the UK in 1991 and reached #70 on the charts.


Roland Orzabal – guitars, lead vocals, keyboards, Fairlight programming
Curt Smith – bass, vocals (lead vocals on track 4)

Additional personnel

Drums – Manu Katché, Chris Hughes, Phil Collins, Simon Phillips
Bass – Pino Palladino
Piano/Keyboards – Simon Clark, Nicky Holland, Ian Stanley, Oleta Adams
Guitar – Robbie McIntosh, Neil Taylor, Randy Jacobs
Percussion – Carole Steele, Luís Jardim
Vocals/Backing vocals – Oleta Adams, Tessa Niles, Carol Kenyon, Nicky Holland, Dollette McDonald, Andy Caine, Maggie Ryder
Trumpet – Jon Hassell
Harmonica – Peter Hope-Evans
Cello – Suzie Katayama
Orchestral Arrangement – Richard Niles

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