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The Living Years – Mike Rutherford (BOOK)

The Living Years (The First Genesis Memoir) written by Mike Rutherford with help from Stephanie Cross, Is a rather candid book about the life of Mike Rutherford,
before, during and after Genesis with sprinkles of Mike and The Mechanics and a large element of the inner workings of Mike’s relationship with his father a Royal Navy Captain.

The book is informative to Genesis fans and Mike and the Mechanics fans, but the way its written means it would be an acceptable accompaniment to anyones book shelf especially those
of us who read biographies.

My only two or three problems stem around the following.

1) Some of the dates that stuff happened are plain in correct (but for a guy who has done so much its to be expected)
2) Not enough history at the end of the book 25 to 30 years got condensed into far too few pages!
3) This book genuinely could have been twice the size in terms of the amount of pages (241) so it could’ve warranted a part two book or second volume
4) Not enough about Dale Newman who has worked the longest alongside Mike since the Selling England By The Pound tour of the USA in the spring of 1974!

Mike has been very candid and I fully appreciate that, it finally enables some fans to dot the I’s and cross the T’s with regard to some characters like Howie Hoffman!

Publisher: Constable
Hardback: (cased)
Pages: 241
Hardback,Paperback and Kindle (Electronic)
ISBN: 978-1-4721-0981-1
Date published: 23.01.2014

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