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I Know That Name – Paul Carrack – A Tribute – By E.J. Huntley

This is a very good book written by E.J.Huntley about The man with the golden voice (Paul Carrack).

This book is an in depth work covering most of Paul Carracks life especially his music career with some honest eye opening moments.

The author seems to have had a lot of access to Paul Carrack which we can assume came through Paul’s manager Alan Wood as there is a credit to him at the start of the

The author seems to have got time with Mike Rutherford and a few others as well! Sadly there is no reference section in the book even though its easy to assume that
many sources where accessed for the book including what we believe are interviews by The Waiting Room whom interviewed the members of the Mechanics during tours in
the late 1980’s and mid 1990’s.

Aside from that little misdemeanour the book is very helpful in colouring in the blanks in Paul’s life!

Publisher: Youbooks/Pickards
Paperback: (softback)
ISBN: 1905278624
Date published: 08.11.2013

(This Book is included in the archive because Paul Carrack was an important part of Mike Rutherford’s solo career 1985 to 2004 and he appeared on Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited (1996)).

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