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Stories of Genesis – Vol. 2

Five more short stories inspired by lyrics in songs from the Greatest Rock Band in the World

The Inversion Method. The Perenyites are the galaxy’s most rapacious species, who use the inversion method to eradicate all indigenous life from planets they need for colonisation.
Then they arrive at Earth…

A Thought Spared for Providence. On 20 July 1944 a group of German officers, led by Claus von Stauffenberg, attempted to kill Hitler at his East Prussian headquarters, the Wolf’s Lair. They failed. But what if Stauffenberg had not hurried back to Berlin so quickly to lead the doomed coup?
From the Cellar. One man takes drastic action to survive the next European war.

Rise of the Hogweed. H. G. Wells meets Genesis as, in 1903, England has been under the Martian heel for a year, and only scattered groups of starving survivors remain. During a journey to look for others, one group of survivors comes across a healthy young man, called Montgomery. He takes them to the discredited vivisectionist Doctor Moreau, where they find much more than a new supply of food… Secession. In the middle of this century, Prince George of Cambridge must resort to extreme measures to hold his kingdom together.

An excellent read and a way to while away the time reading about characters you have heard Genesis sing about come to life fictionally in print.

Author: Chris James
Format: Paperback (Softback)
Pages in number: 90
ISBN – 13: 978-1291761887
Language: English
Date published: 07.03.14

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