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The Lamb Book – Vol 1

A comprehensive book about the 1974 Genesis album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, the Lamb tour.

Details include rehearsals for the album, recording of the album, tour dates amongst other minutiae
such as the distance from Glaspant Wales to the hospital that Peter’s daughter was born in which is
relevant when you consider that Peter has mentioned the trips he had to make there during the writing/recording
of the Lamb.

Information about Headley Grange etc

Things like the subject matter and the location of the Lamb are covered in great detail.

Contents are as follows:


Chapter-1 : The explaining the story of Rael p.9-68
Column 1 : What is The Flickering Needle? p.28
Column 2 : What is the season in the story? p.34
Column 3 : Different words between US and UK have same meaning in the story p.35
Column 4 : Where did Rael live in New York? p.36
Column 5 : What train did Rael get on in New York? p.36
Column 6 : What is The Steam in New York? p.38
Column 7 : What is Book Of Isaiah? p.39
Column 8 : How strong is the wind attack against Rael? p.46
Column 9 : How tall is Rael? p.68

Chapter-2 : Before Chapter-3
The process of making THE LAMB p.69-86
Column : Musical newspapers in UK as references p.87-89
The tensions in Genesis at the time p.91-103

Chapter-3 : Some questions and answers
Why did Peter leave Genesis? p.105-135
Hedgehog or Porcupine? ; about a mistranslation in Japan p.137-150
Why is THE LAMB in 1974? p.151-163
Column 1 : The trend of international economy in 1970’s p.164
Column 2 : Why did Genesis adopt a plan of concept album? p.165
Column 3 : Why did Mike suggest The Little Prince against THE LAMB? p.166
Why is the story in New York? p.167-176
Why is the hero Puerto Rican? p.177-188
Column : What is Puerto Rico? 189-191

Chapter-4 : Headley Grange
What is Headley Grange? p.193-223
The rehearsals of THE LAMB in Headley; series of the bootleg CD “IN THE BEGINNING vol.6 to 13” p.225-249

References: For understanding THE LAMB and 1974-75
#1. The album of THE LAMB in Japan (1975-2009) p.252-235
#2. The chronology about THE LAMB (1974-75) p.254-258
#3. The chronology of the world (1974-75) p.259-267
#4. Population, Economy and The head of state (1950-2012) p.268-269
#5. Stamps and Paper money (1974-75) p.270
#6. Postage of letter and card (1950-2008) p.271
#7. Penetration of durable consumer goods in Japan (1955-2012) p.272
#8. Retail prices (Flour, Bread, Milk, Sugar, Gasoline, Salary) (1950-2007) p.273-280

Publisher: EMM – PLAN
Authors: Yashima Tsukamoto and Kenichi Nakano
Format: Paperback (Softback)
Pages in number: 280
Country Of Origin: Printed in Japan
Language: Japanese
Date published: 31.01.13

PLEASE NOTE: The authors have some copies remaining, if you would like to purchase a copy please contact us and we will forward your enquires to the authors.

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