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Sketches of Hackett : The Authorised Biography – Alan Hewitt

Alan Hewitt of the Genesis fanzine The Waiting Room (formed 1987) wrote a book about Steve Hackett, after conducting well over 25 interviews with Steve for The Waiting Room, Alan found he got along so well with Steve he would approach him about writing an authorised biography.

Clearly Steve green lit this project and what with more interviews and help from Steve, Steve’s family, Steve’s band members past and present as well as a devoted fans Alan has been able to assemble a weighty book. This hardback or “Cased” as printers call them is a high quality product and initial orders included a DVD with an exclusive interview conducted within Steve’s home and visual slide shows of tickets and other memorabilia.

There is a fair amount of photographs but, the text within is a good start for any Steve Hackett fan as well as a guide to some Genesis fans who might need to get some further information on this members time in the band, includes an updated Genesis gig guide and Steve Hackett solo gig guide.

  • Publisher: Wymer Publishing
  • Hardback
  • Low numbers left, a paperback “soft back” which has updated text has been released
  • ISBN 0-955754-232
  • Date published: 3.08.09
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