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Stories of Genesis – Vol. 1

A new kind of fan fiction. Five original short stories inspired by characters which feature in songs from the rock band Genesis. In Mr Magrew’s Incredible Journey, the creature from A Trick Of The Tail recounts his adventure to a strange land where the natives had neither horns nor tails. The Chat Show Host, inspired by the song Duchess, sees Tv interviewer Jason ‘Jj’ Jones about to host the singer Duchess on his show, as she promotes her comeback album. In One Regret, the narrator from Dreaming While You Sleep reaches the last day of his life, and relives the moment twenty years earlier when he fell asleep at the wheel. The Final Battle tells the full story of Supper’s Ready, as the guardians of Earth are forced once again to do battle with the Eternal Sanctuary Man. Unknown to the guardians, the Eternal Sanctuary Man has a new and powerful army. In The Agent Lunges, inspired by the song Down And Out, an author receives a phone call from a copyright agent, who gives him a nasty surprise.

An excellent read and a way to while away the time reading about characters you have heard Genesis sing about come to life fictionally in print.

Author: Chris James
Format: Paperback (Softback)
Pages in number: 84
ISBN – 13: 978-1291474510
Language: English
Date published: 12.07.13

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