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Bill Bruford – Autobiography

Bill Bruford has finally written an Autobiography having retired from music he clearly has the time! In this book which is written in a natural way in which people remember so nothing is truly chronological Bill writes about his time in King Crimson, Yes, ABWH, YES – The Reunion, and that small time he was the touring drummer with Genesis!

Sadly Bill only did the one tour with Genesis – The Trick Of The Tail tour of 1976! and Bill doesnt go into great detail about it either except to say he was being paid £500 a week and that he has since apologised for his behavior since!

The Book is a fine read and shows Bill to be the most organised and methodical drummer some of the recollections from his time in YES are amusing!

* Publisher: Jawbone Press
* Paperback
* In print
* ISBN 978-1-906002-23-7
* Date published: March 6th 2009

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