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Genesis – Chapter & Verse – Official Biography by Genesis

Philip Dodds, Ghost wrote the book from transcriptions of interviews he carried out with every member of Genesis, as well as Tony Smith (band manager since 1973) and former promoters, current crew such as Dale Newman, Geoff Callingham etc

As well as Producers like Hugh Padgham and Nick Davis, and even Rusty Brusche the main guy at Vari lite.

The book is very informative and illustrated to the maximum, whilst some of the history within follows a sanitised line regarding some areas it is indeed healthy in other areas and still insightful.

There was a much talked about Audio book but I do not recall it ever being released. As for Genesis they still have tonnes of Photos within in their personal collections that have yet to see the light of day.

Plus with any Genesis book as it gets towards the latter years it gets thinner and thinner on detail as well as photo chronology… an easy error to spot is Chester Thompson’s birth year of 1968… when it should have been 1948!

  • Publisher: Weidenfiled & Nicolson
  • Hardback (Cased)
  • Unknown if still available
  • ISBN 0297844342
  • Date published: 6.09.07
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