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Genesis – The Anatomy Of A Tour

This Book was released to co inside with the Genesis 2007 Turn It On Again tour, it was on sale on the merchandise desks at the gigs as well as through book shops up and down the UK.

Whilst the book potentially intended to be a great addition to any fan of Genesis (especially those attending the tour) it sadly lacks an air of quality due to the following.


  1. The booklet lacks about 50 more pages of information (It couldve had more drawings and emails)
  2. The DVD is woefully short (why could it not have included some of the documentary footage about the stage concept)
  3. The price (an eye watering £30)
  4. The quality – outsourced to China and poor quality!


  1. The concept!
  2. The book has some interesting information – just not enough
  3. The novel pop up book!
  4. The DVD – Lets not bang on and on about what it couldve been but 5 minutes isnt enough!
  • Publisher: Imagine Paper Entertainment
  • Hardback (cased)
  • Unknown if still available
  • ISBN 978-1-898348-06-1
  • Date published: 15.06.07
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