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Phil Collins interview with WMMR during Genesis Abacab tour.

Phil Collins takes a break during the Abacab tour to answer questions with Anita Gevinson. This interview is in fact seen in the Three Sides Live film.

Topics discussed include, Savoy Theatre dates, playing smaller clubs (such as the Roxy), the three nights at the Spectrum. They also discuss some of the production on the Abacab album such as the Earth Wind and Fire (EWF) horns as well as how those songs are played live and when depending on when EWF horns are available.

Anita also looks up the meaning of Genesis which leads to a talk about changing the group’s name. Phil also explains where Abacab the title stems from plus other topics.

There is a phone in that is mentioned, although it was not included on the source of this interview.

A phone in follows afterwards; bizarrely parts of this interview and the phone in appear on the three sides live concert film.

Interview: Anita Gevinson

Station: WWMR

Date: 25th November 1981

Source:┬áDC interview Collection series 1 – Genesis Movement

Edited in Logic (EQ changes and frequency removal, Limited and Compressed slightly). Exported to 160kbps mp3 for file size reasons.

Transcript not currently available. (If you want like to provide a transcript, please contact us and we’ll provide proper credit)

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