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Steve Hackett talks Revisited II

Excerpt courtesy of The Evil Jam

Hackett talks Revisited II, Touring and Life – September 3rd 2012

TEJ: So is it a Genesis album in the 21st Century?

SH: Well that’s a very good way of putting it I think. Usually to get a certain guitar sound I will sometimes use fixed Wah (Pedal) but there is Wah going on I am using it on certain notes and phrases on that, as does Roine Stolt. Funny enough on ‘Return of the Giant Hogweed’ sung by Neil Morse, I let him (Roine) do the guitar solo on that.

TEJ: Dancing with the Moonlit Knight was gorgeous as well!

SH: I am pleased with that version I must admit.

TEJ: I felt it had one hand in the past and one hand towards the future but so tasteful.

SH: I tried to be respectful to the arrangements but I am not being a slave to vintage gear, at the moment.


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