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The Bristol Recorder #2 Ft Peter Gabriel

The Recorder a mix of local talent in the region of Bristol/Bath in the UK and that included unheard of artists and of course the more known and popular Peter …

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Track listing 1. A Life Within A Day 6:35 Hackett/Squire/King 2. Tall Ships 6:18 Hackett/Squire/King 3. Divided Self 4:06 Hackett/Squire/King/Clabburn 4. Aliens 5:32 Hackett/Squire/King/Healy 5. Sea Of Smiles 5:25 Hackett/Squire/King …

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SELECTION Announced – Coming May 13th

From the Steve Hackett account, a compilation of Genesis Revisited material is to be released with some additional material, including a new recording of Carpet Crawlers with Ray Wilson. We’re …

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