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Armando Gallo Knows What He Likes – An interview

We recently sat down with Armando Gallo whose books and Genesis App is a testament to his career that has been entwined with Genesis.

Armando had recently funded his Genesis app with the aid of kickstarter, and it is available to buy from the Apple Store. In the video he talks about his first Genesis show, album, and artistic integrity. We also cover and show some of the app so you can see how much fun it truly is.

Buy the I Know What I Like App from the Apple Store:

Also available book version on Kindle:

We spent a few hours with Armando, and hopefully will put up a full transcript of the interview on our sister website in the coming weeks.

The app is free to download for a ‘preview’ version but the full thing is £14.99/€17.99/$19.99 – The app is the version of the book with tons of additional interviews, new bits of music, and more. It tells Armando’s story of working with the band and highlights their career in full glory and immersion. It is a pioneering way of looking at a book, you can stretch the photos, zoom in and interact with them.

More can be seen on Gabriel Foux’s channel about the app:

This will hopefully be the first in several videos featuring interviews and other Genesis related new content.

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