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2016 – A New Year

It’s been awhile since we have blogged like this, that’s for sure. However, with a new year comes a new sense of beginning and a pin point in improving yourself and naturally your work.

For us that means doing some well deserved and needed updates, aiming to do new pieces and things to keep the site alive.

Since our last major update we have added things, removed things, improved things, and let others slide.

Currently we are updating lots of behind the scenes things and attempting to improve the speed of the servers as well as the security on the overall site.

We’ve updated our theme to the latest version and changed the look slightly. This is still ongoing and so some features have been temporarily lost whilst we roll out these changes.

The support and amount of people following our project has grown exponentially since the last time we blogged. We have exceeded 1500 twitter followers, something we are humongously grateful for. Our Facebook page is reaching 600 likes (we are well aware of the slow decline of Facebook though). The Youtube page (oft neglected) still manages to encourage 100s of comments a week, thousands of views and currently 3000 subscribers.

One thing we are always keen to keep on top of is the responsiveness of the site on Tablets and Mobiles. Please let us know if there is any way you think we could improve on these areas or if there are any major bugs or issues we should be aware of.

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