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Lamb Comparisons Project – Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

We’re excited to bring to you a new collection of videos comparing various versions of Lamb tracks that are featured on a tape we picked up several months back.


Tape: Transfer of a BASF tape to 24 Bit, 96Khz of early mixes and unfinished versions.

Vinyl: Original 1974 Vinyl version. 24 Bit 96Khz Rip.

CD 1994: Original 1994 CD Remaster of original final mixes (same mixes as Vinyl but new master). Ripped at 16 Bit 44.1khz.

CD 2008: Normal 16 Bit, 44.1khz rip of the Nick Davis 2008 mix.

Mix and Mastered by

Original Finished Mix – John Burns and Genesis
Original Porky Master – George Peckham
1994 CD Remaster – Chris Blair, Geoff Callingham, Nick Davis
2008 Mix – Nick Davis
2008 Master – Tony Cousins

Lamb Lies Down On Broadway:

Working Title: Broadway


There are some major differences between the final mix we know and love and this early mix, the biggest being is it lacks a title line. At no point does the phrase ‘Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ appear in this mix. There are also some vocal and lyric differences, particularly throughout the bridge.

The drums punch through a lot more on this mix in quite a pleasant way, but you can tell that it is lacking some presence from Tony’s arps and finesse that would finish the track off, although musically all the elements appear intact.

This post will be periodically updated to add more analysis and context.

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