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Still Growing UP – Peter Gabriel (Live & Unwrapped)

3rd October 2005



Warner Music Vision will release ‘Still Growing Up Live and Unwrapped’ on DVD on 31st October 2005. The follow up to Peter Gabriel’s 2004 ‘Growing Up Tour’, ‘Still Growing Up Live’ and ‘Unwrapped’ feature the second leg of the mammoth tour that continued around the world and reunites Gabriel and award winning director Hamish Hamilton. This ultimate DVD incorporates footage from over 20 shows and festivals across Europe during June and July 2004, along with a separate disc featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage shot by Gabriel’s daughter Anna who had unparalleled access throughout the tour. A documentary film maker based in New York, Anna was able to capture intimate scenes with Peter, the band and Hamish giving a highly personal feel to ‘Unwrapped’.

‘Still Growing Up’ has an extensive track listing spanning works from Gabriel’s solo career over the past 30 years, including classics such as ‘Games Without Frontiers’, ‘Sledgehammer’ and ‘Biko’, along with more recent works including ‘Secret World’, ‘White Ashes’, ‘The Tower that Ate People’ and ‘Burn You Up, Burn You Down’. Extra features on the second dvd include exclusive studio footage of Peter and the band performing tracks ahead of the 2002 Growing Up Live Tour and his acclaimed Jools Holland performances of ‘Downside Up’ and ‘Father Son’.

Since leaving Genesis in 1975, Peter Gabriel has proved to be one of the world’s most enduring and creative artists, enjoying a successful solo career and forging a reputation for his ground breaking marriage of music and vision. His hugely successful album, ‘So’ spawned the 1986 hit single ‘Sledgehammer’ which set a new precedent in music videos and still remains the most played video of all time on MTV. Since then Gabriel has gone on to release critically acclaimed albums, ‘US’, ‘OVO’ and ‘UP’, along with ‘Hit’ a collection of all of his key works. In between these and extensive live touring, he has written film scores and continues to champion world music artists from the around the world.

Apart from bringing us unforgettable hits including, ‘Don’t Give Up’, ‘Big Time’, ‘Red Rain’, ‘In Your Eyes’, ‘Secret World’ and ‘Digging in the Dirt’ and a worldwide reputation for his innovative work as a musician and visual creator, Peter continues to work with environmental and human rights organisations and projects, including Witness. Most recently he was instrumental in the organisation of the Live 8 Africa Calling concert at the Eden Project in Cornwall in July.

‘Still Growing Up Live and Unwrapped’ not only chronicles the second part of Gabriel’s first major tour for nearly a decade and with Anna Gabriel’s highly observant ‘Unwrapped’ there is the chance to see Peter at his most relaxed and open. The DVD tells the story and the moments that made the 2004 ‘Growing Up Tour’ come alive. A must-have for any Peter Gabriel enthusiast.


Title Still Growing Up Live and Unwrapped
Release Date 31st October 2005
Certificate Exempt
Running Time Approx 206 minutes
Technical Details Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, DTS Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


The Feeling Begins
Red Rain
Secret World
White Ashes
Games Without Frontiers
Burn You Up, Burn You Down
The Tower That Ate People
San Jacinto
Digging in the Dirt
Solsbury Hill
Come Talk to Me

Extras –

“In Your Eyes” from the 2004 Still Growing Up Live tour
– “No Self Control” from the 1988 This Way Up world tour film “P.O.V.”
– “Still Growing Up Unwrapped” documentary film: 83 mins
– Exclusive early studio footage of Peter and the band performing “Darkness”, “No Way Out” and “Growing Up” ahead of his Growing Up Live tour in 2002.
– Peter Gabriel performing “Downside Up” and “Father, Son” on “Later…with Jools Holland”.

Label Warner Music Vision
Catalogue Number 5101104582
Barcode Number 50-51011-0458-2-0

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