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Documentary – PC – The Long Goodnight

The Final Farewell tour – 2005

The documentary – The Long Goodnight, was filmed on the Final Farewell tour of 2005. This documentary covers some of the rehearsals, and whilst it travels around the world through Israel and Greece, Russia and many other countries etc,
it concludes with the shows in Prague that were rescheduled. The last shows where meant to be in Glasgow, Scotland.

Description: “In 2004 I came to a major decision in my life. I decided to stop my seemingly endless days of touring. I had been on the road for the last 30 years, and now with 2 young children I decided that enough was enough.
It was time to say goodnight. This film documents the last stage of that goodnight tour. It covered many places I’d never played before, and some places NO ONE had played before. The result was that we encountered many remarkable obstacles.
Filmmaker Anthony Mathile was with me from the first day of rehearsals to the last date in Prague. Therefore he captured many moments, good/bad… happy/sad.

For me it is a film of mixed emotions, but it is also a film that touches me more than anything I’ve done before.”
– Phil Collins

Directed by: Anthony Mathile

Running time: 76 minutes

Release dates:

UK on the 11th June 2007
USA on the 5th September 2007

It was also available from the official Phil Collins online shop from July of 2007. This DVD is currently out of print.

Note: Director Anthony Mathile, would go on to direct the Genesis 2007 tour documentary, “Come Rain, Come Shine”.

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