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Peter Gabriel – Growing Up LIVE

Press info taken from Peter’s old site…..

November 3rd heralds the start of a very special week for Peter Gabriel fans with the release of a brand new DVD. The DVD entitled ‘GROWING UP LIVE’ is the film of Gabriel’s recent critically acclaimed world tour, which was heralded for its spectacular theatrics. It is released on Warner Vision.

‘Growing Up – Live’ captures the show over two days at the Filaforum in Milan. Directed by Grammy nominated and BRIT Award winning Hamish Hamilton, the show was shot in high definition in state of the art 5.1 surround sound. Twenty six cameras were used to capture the show, which once again brought together Peter and leading theatrical director Robert Le Page who also collaborated together on the ground breaking ‘Secret World Tour’ in 1993. The editing of the DVD sees a departure from the norm, with director and artist deciding on a vertical concept with each track looking different. Every song was given a different word or phrase, which was then carried through to the way each was individually shot and edited.

Staged in the round with a revolving outer rim, the show threw up many surprises. We see Gabriel perform suspended upside down from the stage and trapped inside a giant zorg ball. There are boats, balls, inflatables and bicycles in a show, which took months to prepare.

Always noted for his unique combination of sound and vision, the ‘Growing Up’ tour took this marriage to a new level. Featuring songs from his last album,’ UP’, along with some of his biggest hits, including ‘Sledgehammer’, (still the most played video of all time on MTV), ‘Solsbury Hill’, ‘Mercy Street’, Digging in the Dirt’ and ‘Red Rain’, the show encapsulates a career spanning over twenty five years and 25 million album sales.

Gabriel performs alongside long-term collaborators David Rhodes on guitar, Tony Levin on bass and Richard Evans on guitars, mandolin and whistle, with newcomers, Ged Lynch on drums, Rachel Z on keyboards and daughter, Melanie Gabriel on backing vocals.

Special attention has been paid to the quality of sound on the DVD with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, DTS 5.1 Surround Sound and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. ‘Growing Up Live’ has several additional features including behind the scenes documentary footage, an interview with Peter, Tony Levin’s tour photography and a bonus track – the elbow remix of ‘Growing Up’. In addition, there is a noodle giving the user access to an interactive version of ‘Growing Up’ on both Mac and Windows.

An excellent live DVD but bare in mind some of the live sound has been over dubbed in the studio… noticeable example being “The Barry William’s Show” and “Growing Up” with the case of Growing Up Peter is inside a giant Zorb ball but the over dubbing on The Barry William’s show the reason is not apparently clear.

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