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Genesis – Live at Wembley Stadium

Genesis – Live at Wembley Stadium – This was the second Genesis DVD, this was actually the Wembley Stadium shows from the Invisible Touch tour of 1987 which was cleaned up and released on DVD.

This concert had been previously released on VHS (Video) but with the DVD release you have surround sound (Dolby Digital) and now (DTS) due to Nick Davis/Fisher Lane Farm investing in the equipment. The extra’s on the DVD are in the form of the Invisible Touch tour documentary which was filmed on the North American 1986 leg and was originally part of the Visible Touch music videos VHS, and a Photo gallery as well as the 1986/87 Tour programme.

The DVD was released on the 17th November 2003.

On One DVD


  1. Mama
  2. Abacab
  3. (Phil’s Domino principle intro)
  4. Domino (part 1 In The Glow Of The Night)
  5. Domino (part 2 The Last Domino)
  6. That’s All
  7. The Brazilian
  8. Land Of Confusion
  9. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
  10. Throwing It All Away
  11. (Phil’s Other world intro)
  12. Home By the Sea/Second Home By The Sea
  13. Invisible Touch
  14. Drum Duet
  15. Los Endos
  16. Turn It On Again (includes Sixties medley)


Phil Collins – Vocals, Acoustic and Simmons – Electric Drums, Percussion

Tony Banks – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Mike Rutherford – Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, Backing Vocals

Chester Thompson – Acoustic and Simmons – Electric Drums, Percussion

Daryl Stuermer  – Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals


Camera’s were set up and filming was throughout 1st to 4th July 1987.

 DVD Production Info

There was an issue with transferring the Sony Hi Definition tape which was a unique format, the tape machines required to playback the material were scarce and in 2001 were even harder to find, luckily on the old Genesis Official forum people there found two persons who had such machines and the most affordable transfer was to be found in Germany where Nick Davis took the production edit of the show rather than all the source material hence why there are no bonus angles.


If you watch closely on the DVD as on the old VHS as well you will notice between the end of The Brazilian and the beginning of Land Of Confusion it gets dark very quickly. This is because Genesis chose not to film the old medley for two reasons

1) They had filmed and played the old medley before

2) There needed to be a window in which all the camera’s would have their tapes changed.

Sadly this means that there is no professional documented film of the Invisible Touch tour “Old Medley”.

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