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Genesis – Janis Schacht

Genesis by Janis Schacht, This book is well written and in places very well illustrated with interesting images especially of Genesis during a few sound checks of there 1982 Encore tour.

Janis worked as a press officer at the American side of Charisma Records distribution called Passport Records and so from this one would assume Janis came to know members of the group. sadly some of the illustration descriptions are inaccurate – Phil Collins has Peter Robinson behind him on the Keyboards and not Robert Fripp as is suggested.

That minor niggle aside it is still a worthy book for any Genesis fan.

This edition according to the ISBN register was published in June of 1985.

  • Publisher: Proteus Books
  • Paperback (softback)
  • Unknown if still available
  • ISBN 0-8627-257- X
  • Date published: 01.06.85
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