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Genesis – From One Fan To Another ( Japanese)

Armando Gallo’s association with Genesis has been well documented but for those of you who might not be aware, Armando was born in Italy and sent to the UK as a young journalist to cover the swinging sixties. Armando enjoyed himself and kept coming back to the UK. He was sent to either review a Genesis gig or interview them for an Italian music paper and he became hooked with the music and he would go on to become great friends with each member of the band.

Armando’s specialist skills are photography and interviewing these were covered in the best book about Genesis which was first released by Armando Gallo in 1978 which took years of interviews and research as well as pivotal photographs.

Here we have a reprint of the book released in 1984, this edition is a marginal update of photos and text. Also featuring the photographic work of Margret Maxwell.

The differences are subtle but include in some cases different photos from the 1984 book with an update in some of the solo photos along with the inclusion of Genesis at the NEC in Birmingham in February 1984.

Armando was tempted to do this version of the book by a business friend who knew there was a market for this in Japan, Armando went to Japan to supervise the creation of the photographic plates and he invited Dan Jones along to who was given additional choice of the photographs that were used. This is more in the vein of Photo book like the other From One Fan To Another.

This copy is wonderful and for a paperback / softback book it has a dust cover! I had to look around Japanese auction sites to source this. Armando cannot recall when it was actually published but we assume it was to coincide with Phil Collins’s first solo tour of Japan in March 1985.

Publisher: Shinko Music Publishing
Paperback: (softback)
Author: Armando Gallo
Language: English
Unknown if still available
ISBN 4-401-62100-X
Date published: 15.03.85

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