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Genesis Files – Xcellent – DX 1

The author’s have committed some serious research into a large amount of Bootlegs of
live shows from Genesis and also Peter Gabriel and finally Steve Hackett.

There is also a section for some visual bootlegs as well.

As well as documenting live recordings both from audience and line sources the book
also documents a gig guide of Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett.

The book appears to be a major undertaking with most black and white pages but there
is a colour section at the end. The recordings span from 1967 (one page) but really it
starts from 1970 and runs right up to 8th March 1998 for Genesis recordings,
24th November 2003 for Peter Gabriel and up to 26th November 2006 for Steve Hackett.

Publisher: M – PLAN
Authors: Yashima Tsukamoto, Kenichi Nakano, Shinichi Otsuki
Format: Paperback (Softback)
Pages in number: 430
Country Of Origin: Printed in Japan
Language: Japanese
Date published: 02.02.08

PLEASE NOTE: The authors have some copies remaining, if you would like to purchase a copy please contact us and we will forward your enquires to the authors.

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