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Genesis – Counting Out Time – Max Demont

Worldwide singles discography Vol 1 – Genesis and solo releases,

The author Max Demont a Genesis and solo collector since 1976 wrote and compiled a Worldwide singles discography
about the group Genesis and its members solo projects it contains mostly colour pages of all of the singles Max
could find. A very good read and useful reference guide but it would be for collectors only there is no trivia
about the band or its members and no interviews either.

Sadly there has not yet been a Vol 2 even though there is sufficient material for such a publication.

  • Publisher: Max Demont (personal publisher)
  • Paperback
  • Out of print.
  • NO ISBN 
  • Date published: 15th October 1993

Note: source for the release date comes from Genesis French fan club fanzine issue number 5.

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