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Genesis – A Biography – Dave Bowler and Bryan Dray

Dave Bowler and Bryan Dray were consultants on the BBC Scotland documentary on Genesis which was released on Video in 1991 and titles Genesis: A History. Here this book titled Genesis: A Biography takes elements of the filmed interviews as well as other source material and writes about Genesis and in some part its members solo careers although not to any great lengths.

It is full of detail and although not like previous efforts by Armando Gallo, It is still an important stone to turn in the Genesis story at times there are new things for a Genesis fan to discover and at other points some of the well worn stories emerge like Phil’s audition.

  • Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd
  • Paperback
  • Out of print.
  • ISBN 0-283-06175-8
  • Date published: 10.09.93
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