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Crediting and Small Site Changes and News

A short-ish blog update.

We hate to moan, truth be told. We love that you folk enjoy the site, and we love that people want to see things we host here much like visitors to a museum.

However we have a slight grievance

In recent weeks we’ve noticed and been told about people taking images from the site and reposting them onto Facebook pages and the like. We get that people want to share the content, and that’s great. Nevertheless some have been avoiding and refusing to add a small courtesy credit to the description or comments of these photos and other items.

The truth is that a lot of what is on the site is PURCHASED out of own pockets and we share it for free.  All we asking is can people please either copy the link and therefore link directly to the post or timeline, or to simply type the whole site URL that way it directs people to this site and therefore the originator of the item.

The worst thing we have seen is people clone stamping or cropping photos to try and remove our WATERMARK or other security features we have placed in all the images on this website. One of the owners of the Archive site has been banned for calling people out on this. It is simple courtesy, and it should work both ways around, it seems lazy. We’re not asking for money, or anything too ridiculous.

We have always sought correct permission and in doing so we have afforded a credit of the original source.

Grumble over: 

In other news, we’re adding some new links and ‘friend’ sites to the Info Panel at the top. If you are the owner of another site you think we should add, do not hesitate to send a quick email and we’ll get that done.

We’re always debating for ways to improve the site and if anyone wants to contribute content or adjustments we are always welcome. There is always something to be done, things like tagging pages, ensuring grammar and spelling are correct. If anyone ever wants to do any translations of some of our articles or anything we are welcome to that.

We’ve also been informed about an upcoming documentary on the group to be shown in October. For UK folks this is on BBC2 and should be out on DVD at some point. For international folks we will try to find more details about any international airings. Keep watching this space for details.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope that you continue to visit and tell people about the site.

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