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Interview – Genesis – Record Mirror – 19th January

This is an interview with Phil Collins, he is being interviewed by Peter Harvey. The interview was published in Record Mirror and titled “Our act was slowly taking us over” on the 19th January 1974.

Points of interest:

  1. The promoters believing it was the first whole week a band had played The Drury Lane theatre.
  2. Peter’s dropping the masks and stories for better stage lights and projections.
  3. Strict writing / rehearsing has started to ease up for more jamming, starting with the Selling sessions.
  4. The appointment of Tony Smith as their world wide manager.
  5. Phil’s been gigging with Peter Banks and Bill Bruford, he could return to that if Genesis are off the road.
  6. Phil has a new single out called ‘Silver Song’ it is written by Michael Rutherford and former guitarist Anthony Phillips.
  7. Genesis have a single coming out too…

Amongst other bits within the interview, its quite interesting to read.

(Many thanks to Mark Kenyon for this interview)


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