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Wise After The Event

Originally released around May 1978 and then remastered and re released in May 2008.

Original track listing

All songs written by Anthony Phillips except where indicated.

“We’re All As We Lie” – 4:37
“Birdsong and Reprise” – 6:45
“Moonshooter” – 5:58
“Wise After the Event” – 10:28
“Pulling Faces” – 4:37
“Regrets” – 6:02
“Greenhouse” (Anthony Phillips, Jeremy Gilbert) – 3:03
“Paperchase” – 5:34
“Now What (Are They Doing to my Little Friends?)” – 8:23
“Squirrel” – 4:30 (CD bonus track)
Note: “Squirrel” was originally released as the B-side of the 7″ single release of “We’re All As We Lie”

2008 reissue bonus CD

“We’re All As We Lie” (link) – 1:23
“Sleeping On An Interstellar Plane” (“Greenhouse” demo) (Anthony Phillips, Jeremy Gilbert) – 3:04
“Paperchase” (Instrumental demo) – 5:31
“Birdsong” (Instrumental demo) – 5:33
“Moonshooter” (Cottage Tapes demo) – 5:37
“We’re All As We Lie” (Cottage Tapes demo) – 3:53
“Pulling Faces” (Cottage Tapes demo) – 4:29
“Squirrel” (Instrumental mix) – 4:28
“Wise After The Event” (Instrumental mix) – 8:54
“Magic Garden” (Solo Piano Mix) – 1:55
“We’re All As We Lie” (7″ single version) – 3:49
“Regrets” (Piano mix) – 6:00
“Chinaman” (Basic guitar mix) – 0:44
“Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)?” (Instrumental mix) – 8:14


Anthony Phillips: vocals, guitar and Harmonica
Michael Giles: drums
John G. Perry: Bass (Wal custom)
The Vicar: guitars, keyboards and sundries
Jeremy Gilbert: Keyboards on “Greenhouse”, Harp on “Now What?”
Mel Collins: Soprano Saxophone on “We’re All As We Lie”, Flutes on “Birdsong”
Robin Phillips: Oboe on “Sitars & Nebulous”
Rupert Hine: percussion, backing vocals, Locks, Probs, Modes & Vibes
Perkin Alanbeck (Alan Perkins, also the recording engineer) : synthesiser on “Birdsong”
Humbert Ruse & Vic Stench: Drums & Bass on “Greenhouse”
Rodent Rabble (including “No Hours from Neasden”): Clicks, Claps and Crampons
Orchestra on “Regrets” conducted by Gilbert Biberian. Assembled by David Katz, arranged by Anthony Phillips

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